The Operation 36 Curriculum

Some training communities leverage the Operation 36 Curriculum to structure their programs for adults and juniors, others build their own!  Below is an overview of the standard Operation 36 Curriculum Framework.


 Op 36 Matches

Operation 36 Matches challenge golfers to shoot the target score of 36 for 9 holes. The format tests scoring skills first by starting 25 yards from the hole and allows golfers to progress back as their skills develop.


Op 36 Academy Classes

The Op 36 Academy Classes were designed to provide golfers a group coaching environment for you to learn the game, set goals, and develop your skills. Coaches will work through the Operation 36 Curriculum and allow you a chance to test and progress in your rank.


 Supervised Practice

Supervised Practice is a structured training session under the watchful eye of a trained coach. They will help you structure your practice and provide feedback to ensure your training session is as efficient as possible.

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The Curriculum &

Progress Tracking

Your roadmap & technology to track your progress

Op 36 Ranks & Subjects

The Operation 36 program has a 6 level standardized curriculum that golfers will progress through each week in the academy class or camps.  We call each level a Rank.  Within each Rank there are 12 Subjects that categorize the area of learning for the class that day.  For each Rank there is 1 objective you must be able to demonstrate to your coach.  Complete all 12 Objectives and rank up!

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    Level 1 Orange Rank

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    Level 2 Yellow Rank

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    Level 3 Green Rank

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    Level 4 Blue Rank

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    Level 5 Purple Rank

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    Level 6 Black Rank

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    The Posture Badge contains the skills and knowledge the golfer needs to be able to demonstrate a consistent powerful golf swing. We start by giving the basics of posture in the setup. As the golfer progresses through the levels they will learn how to maintain their posture dynamically while swinging the golf club.

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    The Grip Badge contains the technical skills and knowledge the golfer needs to demonstrate to master the grip. The grip is not only the closest connection the golfer has with the club face, but it is essential to have a proper grip to allow the golf club to swing properly.

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    The Alignment Badge gives our golfers a solid base for understanding how important learning to align at their target is. Alignment is very important to be as efficient as possible. Once the golfer progresses through the first few levels we begin to cover how to change the alignments to influence different types of ball flight.

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    Green Reading

    The Green Reading Badge contains all of the knowledge and skills the golfer needs to demonstrate to become a master green reader! The students learn basic to complex green reading skills that teach them exactly how to predict how the ball is going to roll to make them a master putter.

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    The Mastery badge contains the information the golfers need to learn to master the sport. This badge not only teaches the kids how to learn and not fear mistakes, but covers many areas important to master the game such as keeping score, parts of the club, parts of the golf course, golf lingo and much more.

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    Fitness & Nutrition

    The Fitness & Nutrition badge contains sports nutrition education & fitness benchmarks to help instill an athletic base for our golfers. We use a custom benchmark system to challenge the golfers to improve their fitness and compliment it with sports and general nutrition education to not only make golfers, but athletes in the process!

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    The Power Badge contains all of the skills and knowledge the golfer needs to be able to hit the golf ball far. We believe it is important to know how to hit the ball a reasonable distance to make the game enjoyable! We teach the most important technical skills and fundamentals first to give our golfers the the best chance to hit the ball far!

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    Ball Flight

    The Ball Flight badge contains the technical skills and knowledge our golfers needs to demonstrate to be able to use the club efficiently to execute a golf shot. These skills teach the golfer how to execute different types of shots and cover the basics of controlling the club face and club path through impact.

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    The Putting Badge contains all of the technical skills and knowledge the golfer needs to demonstrate to become a master putter! The putter is one of the most important tools in the golfers bag. It is designed to get the ball in the hole. This badge teaches the golfer how to use the putter efficiently to get the ball in the hole!

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    Work Ethic

    The Work Ethic badge teaches the golfer that it takes time and practice to become skilled at the sport. This badge sets outside practice session benchmarks for golfers and helps them understand what tees they should be playing when they are on the golf course. Learning the proper way to practice is essential for the student to become a scratch golfer.

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    The Honor badge contains all the knowledge and experiences the golfers need to learn to understand the history and how to play the game. This badge requires research of legends and current players, and covers the rules and etiquette of the sport as well. This badge also teaches the most important life & character traits.

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    The Performance Badge sets scoring benchmarks for the golfer. Our target… the score of 36 or better!  By starting the golfers on a 225 Yard 9 hole course, we challenge and progress them at their own rate.  This badge teaches the golfer how to constantly challenge themselves during practice and playing to improve. 

Op 36 Progress Tracking

Your Profile

When enrolling in an Operation 36 Program you will get a custom profile to keep track of your progress. It is here you can view all of your playing stats, training stats, and also see which Operation 36 or Custom Objectives that you are working towards.

View Your Objectives

You can view your current Operation 36 Objectives in the mobile app.  Your coach will teach and test you on those objectives and mark complete when you have mastered it.  After you complete each objective you will unlock new ones. You can also view custom objectives your coach sets for you in private lessons.

Play, Train, & Social Actions

The center of the app allows you to log all of your actions you are taking to improve your game.  Log playing, training, and social actions on the app to earn points and move up your community leaderboard.  Encourage your friends by liking and commenting in the activity feed!

  • The Op 36 platform has transformed our junior golf program at Carmel.  With the long-term program in place combining academy classes, supervised practice, and the Op 36 matches - we are developing golfers who want to stick with the game outside of coming to class.  The fact that there is a roadmap laid in front of the junior that will allow them to shoot even par golf makes that goal seem much more achievable.  We feel lucky to be a part of the Op 36 team!

    Maggie Simons, PGA
    Maggie Simons, PGA Director of Instruction
  • Operation 36 is ultimately about finding a golfers challenge point and providing a motivating plan to get better and track progress.

    Matthew Reagan, PGA
    Matthew Reagan, PGA Co-creator, Operation 36
  • Op 36 is how I wish I learned to play golf.

    Lauren Brescacin, PGA of Canada
    Lauren Brescacin, PGA of Canada Assistant Professional
  • I feel this is the future of getting golfers started properly in the game.

    Rea Schuessler, PGA
    Rea Schuessler, PGA Director of Instruction
  • Op 36 will no doubt be the flagship for family golf programs around the world.

    Jimmy Hamilton, PGA
    Jimmy Hamilton, PGA Teaching Professional
  • It shows the golfer their goal and how they are going to get there, and allows us to do our job.

    Jason Sutton, PGA
    Jason Sutton, PGA Carmel Country Club
  • If you're looking to create family golf at your facility, this is the way to do it.

    Christy Longfield, PGA
    Christy Longfield, PGA Director of Instruction
  • I had a mom tell me that Op 36 has transformed her son. Usually he does programs for a week and doesn't want to continue going to class. She said with Op 36, he's excited to show up every week!

    Sarah Bidney, PGA
    Sarah Bidney, PGA Director of Instruction
  • I've been meeting with my PGA members, and can't help but share Op 36 with them.

    Keith Soriano, PGA
    Keith Soriano, PGA Assistant Executive Director, Colorado PGA
  • What a fantastic program.  The kids love it, and so do I.

    Rob Noel, PGA
    Rob Noel, PGA Director of Instruction
  • Operation 36 is a super impressive platform, and I'm proud to be a part of it.

    Kevin Britt, PGA
    Kevin Britt, PGA Director of Instruction
  • Through Op36, we are giving golf professionals a way to have a significant impact at their facility by increasing the number of students in player development and increasing revenue.

    Ryan Dailey
    Ryan Dailey Co-Creator, Operation 36