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Development League

Develop Your Golf Skills on the Course

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines in Place
Our coaches are dedicated to providing a safe environment for all coaches and students. The Academy Program is COVID-19 Safety Compliant.
Attend weekly On Course Events
Play 9-holes each week so you will continue to progress in your golf game and tracking your progress in the app.
Master the Operation 36 Model
Golfers Play 9 Holes From Division 1 (25 Yards) and progress through the Divisions as you shoot par or better.

Operation 36® Structured 9-Hole Events are for students of all skill levels who want to continue developing their skills on the course that upholds COVID-19 Safety Compliance.

How Does it Work?

Each week golfers will play on the course with a 9-hole event. For Divisions 1-3, they will require caddies.
Golfers will utilize the COVID-19 Safety Guidelines.
Golfers will improve and track their progress through the Operation 36 app.

COVID-19 Golf Safety Guideline

  1. Social distancing of 6' or more at all times during 9-hole events. 
  2. Playing Format - Tee Times
    • Tee times limits the number of people in 1 space at a time.
        This includes the Practice Facility and golf course during a 9-hole event.
  3. Players per Tee-Time - 2 somes or 3 somes
    • Groups are limited to 2-3 players versus the normal 4 somes.
  4. Registration/Scoring Table
    • One person to the table at a time to check in and score. 
  5. Before Play
    • Be sure to arrive 1 hr early to allow for COVID protocol delays and
  6.  During Play
    • Continuous putting to limit number of players around the hole.

After  Play
• Please do not linger upon completing your round.
• Coach will be sending out a video announcement recognizing personal bests, division passers, and event medalist.

The Operation 36 Curriculum - Lesson Plan

6 Ranks
12 Skills
72 Goals
The Op 36 Curriculum is designed to guide you to accomplish your on-course goals. It consists of 12 Skills over 6 different ranks/levels. You will be issued your first 12 goals to accomplish in the Op 36 App. We will teach and mark the goals complete when you can demonstrate the skill. When you accomplish the first rank, it will unlock 12 more goals to guide your golf development journey.

Develop Your Skills on the Course

Operation 36® Structured 9-Hole Events are for students of all skill levels who want to continue developing their skills on the course. The goal is to shoot par (36) or better for 9 holes.

Progress Tracking

Log your score and use the app to guide improvement over time during the Development League and when playing casually.


Your coach will have a digital/manual leaderboard and award certificates to players that shoot their Personal Best or Beat 36 from their division yardage.

Operation 36 9-Hole Events

Op 36 9-Hole Events provide a great experience for students to challenge themselves and test their skills on the course.

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