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2020 Live Operation 36 Certification

Accelerate your Operation 36 Program in 2020! Make sure your staff is up to date and trained on the latest programming and technology. 

You want to make a big impact through your local golf program. At the one day training, you will learn the very best practices, and how to implement them with our cutting edge technology. You don't have to do this alone. You can learn from and network with other excellent Operation 36 Coaches.

When a new golfer wants to learn to play, are you capitalizing on the opportunity to grow your club and the game?

Golf Pros helping Golf Pros create amazing programs

We are founded and ran by Golf Pros and take pride in Network Support
"The insight Ryan and Matt had into what it takes to develop a developmental program was terrific. Over the years they have learned the difference between entertaining students, and engaging students. It was well worth the effort and time to attend."

Jake Martin, PGA

"Clear presentation simplifies the process of building dynamic trackable programs. They freely share the errors they made early on along with the solutions."

Mary Murphy, LPGA

"The certification training provides a nice overview of the program framework, how to implement it, and the potential impact for a facility." 

Eric Layton, PGA


When you have a Certified Professional on your staff, your facility gets a special pin and designation on our program map.


Facilities are looking for trained Operation 36 Professionals.  Give yourself a leg up in your next job interview! 


BOOST YOUR MSR! Attend the live training to earn 8 PGA MSR Education Credits or 4 Non-LPGA Cu’S.


Spend a day with the founders of Operation 36 and learn how to create better short-and long term environments at your facility.


We can’t learn on an empty stomach! Enjoy a full lunch on us.


Get some nice resources to take notes and take back to your club for this golf season.

Spend the day learning 10 years of lessons and working with the Operation 36 Co-Founders on your program.

Ryan Dailey, PGA

President & Co-Founder

Matt Reagan, PGA

CEO & Co-Founder

Certification Agenda

8:00 AM - Welcome & Intros
8:30 AM - Business of Group Coaching
9:15 AM - Science of Group Coaching
10:00 AM - Building Programming
11:00 AM - Golfer Progress Tracking
12:00 PM - Lunch
1:00 PM - Gamify Your Environment
2:30 PM - Live Group Training
4:30 PM - Wrap up & Review
This agenda may be subject to change, based on latest research we are learning, as well as the location constraints.

The 2020 Curriculum Modules

Here is a look at you can expect to learn at our 2020 Certification

1. The Standard Program

In this module, we will go through exactly how to set up The Standard 8-week Operation 36 Program. This will allow us to explore how each component fits together to run an effective Program. This includes how to use the technology to save you time to execute it as well.  This will setup the foundation for every other module.

2. Executing Op 36 Events

In this module, we will show you exactly how to run an Operation 36 - 9 Hole Event.  They are simple, timely and can be run effectively at any type of club. We cover every setup!  Also learn how to log the event in the app to create engagement and track scores on all your golfers profile overtime. 

3. Delivering Classes & Curriculum

In this module, we will cover how to deliver effective group coaching classes. You will learn class management, how to build effective lesson plans, how to deliver a curriculum, how to test students, and how to leverage tools like the Operation 36 Starter Kits to excite your players about learning and improving.

4. Engaging & Progress Tracking

In this module we will go through how to leverage the Operation 36 Technology and tools available to you to engage, excite and retain your golfers. There is a full suite of tools available to you, the better you understand how to use them the better coach you will be.  Become an expert in measuring a golfers development, and showing your facility impact!

5. Junior Development Model

In this module, we will go through the new Op 36 Junior Golf Development Model. You will learn the different tracks that juniors can set as their goal, and how you can chart their progress over time. We will also touch on the different Long-Term Athlete Development phases and how to implement these guidelines to give your juniors the best environment possible to become a golfer!

6. Marketing & Filling Programs

To finish up the day we will show you the best practices in marketing and filling your program. We will share with you the marketing funnel that is in place that can help you manage the leads that come into your facility. This simple funnel allows you to direct interested players to your programs. Leads come directly to your portal to manage, communicate and enroll families.

Upcoming Dates and Locations

2021 PGA Merchandise Show

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Registration Opening Soon

2020 PGA Merchandise Show

Date: January 24, 2020
When: 8:00am - 4:00pm
We are excited to once again be hosting a live certification at the PGA Merchandise show. 
*Please note: The live certification is only available for coaches that are already apart of Operation 36
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No location near you?  

Email Support@Op36Golf.com and we will work to get one in your area

Certification Requirements and Details
- You must be a Golf Professional or Manager at an Operation 36 Program Location
- After the Certification is complete each participant will be sent an online test
- To earn your Certification you must complete the latest Operation 36 Online Test and score 75% or better
- After successful completion of the course your Certification is valid for 3 years.
- Certified Professionals will be issued a Certified Logo to be used in marketing and your online profile will be updated
- A Facility with a Certified Professional will be listed as a "Certified Location" on the Operation 36 Program Website

Have Questions?

Email Support@Op36Golf.com and we will be happy to answer them.


Columbine Valley, CO


Thank you everyone for joining us! 

Richmond, VA


Thank you everyone for joining us! 



Thank you everyone for joining us! 
Also known as Op 36, we are a team of golf professionals and golf enthusiasts that are aiming to change the way the golf industry introduces and progresses beginners in playing the game of golf.
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