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Private Lessons

Adaptive COVID-19 Program (with Special Pricing)

Attend Weekly Classes to Receive Private Instruction
Join your coach for a weekly golf lesson and continue to improve your golf game.
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COVID-19 Safety Guidelines in Place
Our coaches are dedicated to providing a safe environment for all coaches and students. The Academy Program is COVID-19 Safety Compliant.
Attend weekly On Course Events
Play 9-holes each week so you will continue to progress in your golf game and tracking your progress in the app.

The Private Lessons are designed to keep you improving your golf skills, even if we can’t do group coaching courses together.

How does it work?

Each week golfers will attend a private golf lesson with coach, while utilizing this COVID adaptive program and pricing! (See lesson plan below)
Each week golfers will participate in a 9-hole event, with COVID-19 Safety Guidelines in Place.
Golfers will continue to improve through private lessons and on-course events.
Op 36 golf coach watching student during playing lesson

The Operation 36 Curriculum - Lesson Plan

6 Ranks
12 Skills
72 Goals
The Op 36 Curriculum is designed to guide you to accomplish your on-course goals. It consists of 12 Skills over 6 different ranks/levels. You will be issued your first 12 goals to accomplish in the Op 36 App. We will teach and mark the goals complete when you can demonstrate the skill. When you accomplish the first rank, it will unlock 12 more goals to guide your golf development journey.
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Operation 36 Golf Power Skill Badge
Operation 36 Golf Grip Skill Badge
Operation 36 Golf Ball Flight Skill Badge
Operation 36 Golf Alignment Skill Badge
Operation 36 Golf Green Reading Skill Badge
Operation 36 Golf Putting Skill Badge
Operation 36 Golf Fitness Skill Badge
Operation 36 Golf Mastery Skill Badge
Operation 36 Golf Honor Skill Badge
Operation 36 Golf Work Ethic Skill Badge
Operation 36 Golf Performance Skill Badge
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How The Private Lesson Program Works

Designed to keep you improving your golf skills, even if we can’t do group coaching courses together.

Attend Weekly Private Lessons

Sample Lesson Schedule

  • Dynamic Fitness Warm-up
  • Learn new Skill each week from Coach
  • Guided Practice Assigned in the Op 36 App
  • Communication in App Throughout Week
Student practicing their sand shots as their coach watches
Two junior golfers watching their playing partner tee off

Operation 36, 9-Hole Events on Course

  • Practice new skills on the course as you play 9 holes each week.

  • Continue to work on your skills on the golf course.

  • Caddy required for Divisions 1-3

COVID-19 Golf Safety Guidelines

  • Social distancing of 6' or more during 9-hole events. 
  • The student is the only person to touch their clubs, bags and golf balls. 
  • Players are not allowed to pick up golf balls other than their own. 

  • Players to use their own ball throughout the event.
  • Scorecards are not exchanged. Scores will be recorded digitally.
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