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Start a 9 Hole Operation 36 Development League

Stop avoiding getting beginners on the course and give them a bridge to a USGA handicap.
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Over 525 Facilities are already changing the way we introduce golfers to playing 9 holes.  Join the #1MGolfers Movement.

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How Does a Development League Work?

The League Follows The Op 36 Dev Model:


Golfers Play 9 Holes From Division 1 (25 Yards)

Instead of starting at the full tee box, you will have golfers begin in Division 1.  This means you will play 9 holes starting 25 yards from each green.

If Golfers Shoot Par (36) or Better They Pass Their Division

Their challenge is to shoot 36!  If they shoot par (36) or better, they will progress to Division 2, and start 50 yards from each green the next round.

Track Progress & Complete as Many Divisions as Possible!

All progress is tracked in the Operation 36 Mobile & Web App.  This challenge continues until the golfer can shoot par (36) from all 10 divisions!
Op 36 App image of the train tab in a user's profile

Community Goal: Shoot 36 for 9 holes in all 10 Divisions

The Operation 36 On-Course Model with Standard Divisions and Full Tee Box Divisions
Two juniors and an adult playing golf

designed for all ages

Family out playing golf during Op 36 event

creates community

A family playing golf together

great for the whole family

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Solve Pace of Play Issues While Creating a Bridge to a Handicap.

Very similar to subjects in school, one or two of these skills is covered in class each week. The skills each have an educational goal to work towards that challenge golfers to work on developing their game. These Skills and Goals are guides in golfers development.
  • A group of complete beginners can finish in under 2 hours
  • When a beginner wants to play you now have a plan
  • Technology shows golfers evolving to a USGA/RNA Handicap
Group of junior golfers shaking hands after their round
"Operation 36 is just a way better structured program. The progression through the yardages and being play-based, everything is focused around playing golf."
Will McGirt
PGA Tour Winner & Op 36 Parent
The Op 36 Event feature in the mobile app and web app

It's as Simple as Adding Participants & Logging Scores

  • We will add you to the program map to begin getting leads
  • Run the program with ease with your facility's Op 36 portal
  • Our program advisors are here to help anytime

Create Lasting Memories by Providing an Encouraging & Safe Format to Learn to Play Golf

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See a Golfer's Journey From First Round To Shooting Even Par!

Very similar to subjects in school, one or two of these skills is covered in class each week. The skills each have an educational goal to work towards that challenge golfers to work on developing their game. These Skills and Goals are guides in golfers development.
  • Student profiles gamify development with badges
  • Run printable reports to give golfers each season
  • Parents, juniors, & coaches are all on the same page
Group of young adults playing golf

Easily Answer The Question: "How Do I Learn To Play?"

When a beginner wants to learn to play you can now say:

  1. Join our Op 36 Development League
  2. I will give you a profile in the Op 36 mobile app
  3. Play in & out of our 9-hole events and log your scores
  4. We will track your development and guide you over time

Hear What Our Coaches Have to Say About Op 36

Operation 36 has been transformative for junior golf and new players at our club. Deciding to become a part of the Operation 36 Network has been the best decision I've made as a golf professional in my entire career.
Op 36 Top 50 Coach Luc McCaw

Luc mccaw, PGA of canada

Essex Golf & CC | Op 36 Top 50 Coach
Our program has doubled in size and our students and parents are more involved. Our students play more golf since we incorporated the Op 36 playing component.

Wendi Wiese, PGA

Texas Team Junior Golf | Op 36 Top 50 Coach

How Do I Get Started?

Create Your Free Coach Account & We Will Guide You From There!

1. Sign-Up For Free 
Create Your Free Coach Account to get access to Video Training. You can explore if Op 36 Programs will fit at your facility.
2. Schedule a Call
We will assign you a program advisor to help educate you to see if it will be a fit at your facility.  If it is, then on to step 3!
3. Begin Filling Programs
We will create you your own Operation 36 Program Community.  Our advisors will help you market and fill programs.
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Why an Operation 36 Development League?

No Traveling Required

Trying to coordinate with families and other facilities for leagues can be a nightmare. You host the league at your facility and have complete control. 

Run Leagues All Season Long

Run your leagues when it best fits your facility's schedule!  Many facilities run a continual league for as many months that they are open to fill rounds.

Works for Juniors, Adults, and Seniors

A development league designed for golfers of all ages! If they are looking to learn to play golf then the Op 36 Development League is made for them.

2 Hour Pace of Play for Complete Beginners

Never fear putting beginners on the course.  The Op 36 Model guarantees every beginner a chance at a par and playing in a reasonable pace of play.

Give Your Golfers an App to Guide Them

The Op 36 app is your golfers guide for when they are not playing in a league event.  Live GPS helps them find their tee and will send you their scores.

A Proven Model to Show a Golfer's Development

The Op 36 Divisions give golfers achievable milestones on their way to accomplishing their goals.  The technology automates this for you.

Put Your Golf Facility on the Op 36 Map!

People come to Operation 36 to learn to play golf. Become a location so you don't miss out on new participants from the 1000's of monthly map visits.

Digital Op 36 League Event Leaderboards

After each event your golfers will be notified and they can check out and comment on the leaderboard in your social feed.

No New Tee-Box Installation is Required

You don't need to install 10 tee-boxes or overhaul your driving range to run the program.  The App shows your golfers where to tee-off from using live GPS.

Fill Programs With Marketing Materials

Our team will provide you with an array of resources and customized marketing materials to help you promote and fill your league.

Unlimited Golfers No Participant Fees

We don't charge participant fees or take 30-50% of your program revenue. Our flat rate is fair and cost effective to ensure you benefit as you grow.

Golf Professionals Assigned to Guide You

Schedule as many calls as you need during the season with our program advisors.  From setting up marketing materials to addressing problems we are here for you.  

Put Smiles On Faces & Create Life-Long Relationships at Your Golf Facility

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"The Op 36 divisions offers a better on-course experience in comparison to other juniors programs in the country. The 9-hole events and 12 subject curriculum enables us at Kooyonga to offer a thorough long term development program. This is the reason why I felt the need for the program in Australia."
Daniel Blackwell, PGA
Kooyonga Golf Club | Op 36 Top 50 Coach

Launch an Op 36 Development League!

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Program License Includes:
Unlimited Participants (Juniors, Adults, Seniors)
Listed on the Op 36 Program Location Map
Lead Management Tool for Interested Participants
Live Chat Support
Resources + League Marketing Materials
Full Time PGA Professional Program Advisor
9 Hole Event Feature + Digital Leaderboards
Junior Development Model Reporting
Student + Family Mobile App + Player Profiles
Golf Facility Dashboard + Player Reporting
Online Coach Academy Video Training Courses
Pro-Shop Display (Bonus Feature)
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Would it be crazy to add a weekly coaching program to help your players improve at a faster rate?
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Does everyone begin in Rank 1?

Yes! We recommend that every student starts in Rank 1 no matter their skill level for multiple reasons. First, to track their full progress you will want to have a baseline for all of their Divisions. 

Is it best to run Op 36 as a separate program or to supplement current programming?

We recommend that you run Op 36 as its own separate program. Consumers want to be well informed about what they are paying for. If you combine Op 36 with other programs your students will be confused about the program.

What marketing materials/resources are available to me?

Your assigned Program Advisor will assist you with your marketing materials from Day 1 and introduce you to a vast Resource Center made up of Program Templates, Guides, Tutorials, and Best Practices.

What are the main differences between junior and adult programming?

The main difference between junior and adult programming involves the way the classes are delivered. Your junior programming will included more games and activities, while your adult programming will go over the education more.

How long does it take for students to play in 9 hole events?

We have found that the 9 hole rounds take an average of 2 hours to complete. If you have a group of Division 1 golfers we usually see them finish in 1 hr 30 mins. 

I work at a very busy club, will Operation 36 be a good fit when I have limited tee times?

To better answer this question we highly recommend that you jump on a call with one of our program consultants. They can go over your schedule with you to determine whether Op 36 will be a good fit at your facility.

Schedule a Call

Can I add multiple coaches?

Each facility is allowed to add 3 additional coaches at no additional cost to their platform. After that you will be charged $49 per coach per year. All coaches will have full access to all of the Op 36 tools including the web app, mobile app, resources, and FB group.

What type of support is available to me to ensure I am successful?

You will have a full time Program Advisor that you can schedule calls with as much as you want. You will have access to our FB group where you can interact with other coaches to get best practices and ideas. Also, we have a live chat button on the website and web app that you can use Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST.
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Also known as Op 36, we are a team of golf professionals and golf enthusiasts that are aiming to change the way the golf industry introduces and progresses beginners in playing the game of golf.
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