How to Start Small & Grow Your Golf Program

Have you ever wanted to implement a new golf program, like Operation 36, but your plate is quite full already? Sure, you would love to have a thriving golf program, but then you would need to find more staff, which isn’t really an easy task.

We have many golf professionals who started in the same spot. Who hasn’t felt overworked, and not excited to add a lot to the “to do” list?! But for many coaches, they could see a future with a thriving program that was better than their day-to-day. They wanted to break through the busy and build something meaningful. If you are busy but interested in growing a fulfilling program at your club, here’s how you can do it without cloning yourself!

Start Simple

Jumping into something new can feel like a leap of faith, especially when your plate's already full. But imagine this: you start with a couple of Operation 36 classes each week, keeping things cozy and manageable. It's all about those small, confident steps.

When Things Heat Up

If you are like our other coaches, right now you are wondering, “Well, what if my classes start to fill up faster than I expected?”

We help you figure out how to expand smoothly, without the pressure. Think about it: if you don't have a plan for growth, you might get stuck in the overwhelm. But with us, you can bring in help – and they don't even need to be golf pros. They could be someone passionate about the game, ready to lend a hand. We'll get them trained up, so they're ready to support you and your golfers.

You're in the Driver's Seat

This is the best part: you're in control. You decide how many golfers you want in each class and when to expand. Operation 36 gives you the tools (see below) and the freedom to build your dream program, stress-free.

“Why Can’t I Do This By Myself?”

It's normal to think, "I'm a PGA pro. I should be able to create my own programs." But here's the truth: Operation 36 isn't about taking away from your program; it's about amplifying it. It's your quick pass to saving hours of time and skipping the guesswork with your teaching programs. This lets the other aspects of your operation shine and allows you to spend more time doing what you need to do.

Growth Means You Can Make Better Hires

Seeing your program grow is actually awesome news. It means you have a core group of golfers–which gives you guaranteed revenue. This allows you to hire more hands to help, so you're not doing a solo act. This way, you can focus on other parts of the operation–with the confidence that your golf programs are ticking along nicely. It's about making things better for you, your golfers, and your entire operation.

PGA Support

Joining the Operation 36 community means you're part of a big, supportive family. With over 800 locations and 2000 golf pros who've been right where you are, we've got your back. We're going to connect you with pros who've nailed it and thrived. Plus, you'll even have your own PGA pro from our team guiding you every step of the way, from planning to marketing and even training your team.

Ready for a Change?

If you're thinking, "Yes, this is what I've been looking for!" it's time to talk about bringing Operation 36 to your course. Imagine running a smooth, successful golf program that's all fun and games for your golfers – and way less stress for you.

Curious about how Operation 36 can help you tackle the fear of success and make your golf program the place everyone wants to be? Let's chat! Reach out, and let's kickstart your journey to a stress-free, thriving golf program. Here's to happy golfers and even happier golf pros. Let's make it happen!

P. S. - If you're a golfer looking for an Operation 36 coach near you, check out our location map.

How Operation 36 Eliminates Your Staffing Woes

Hey, golf pros! Ever feel like you're on a never-ending hunt for the perfect team? You know, a group of PGA and LPGA Pros who aren't just passing through but actually want to stick around and grow with your club? It's a tall order, especially with the way things have been going in the golf world lately. High staff turnover is a real headache, but guess what? Operation 36 is here to help you build a team that's in it for the long haul. Let’s dive into how we can help you transform your club into a magnet for top talent.

The Op 36 Magnet: Attracting Top Talent

First off, how do you catch the eye of eager, skilled pros and get them to join your team? Offer them something unique, something that promises not just a job but a real chance to make an impact. Enter Operation 36—a program that's changing the game for golf professionals. Its structured, effective, and downright fun approach makes your club the obvious choice for pros on the lookout for their next opportunity.

But here’s the clincher: Imagine being able to guarantee your staff teaching revenue right from the job interview. That's right, with Operation 36, you're not just offering a position; you're offering financial stability and growth potential. This program is designed to keep golfers engaged and enrolled throughout the season, which means consistent teaching opportunities and revenue for your staff. It’s a win-win that makes your club incredibly attractive to top-notch talent looking for security and a place where they can truly shine.

Building a Dream Team That Stays

Attracting the right people is just the start. Keeping them is where Operation 36 really works its magic. It makes the teaching experience rewarding, lessening the daily grind with ready-to-go lesson plans and a supportive community. Seeing the direct impact of their work keeps talented pros from looking elsewhere, ensuring your team remains solid and stable.

Say Goodbye to Guesswork

With Op 36, your pros get a structured curriculum that lights the way for both teaching and golfer progression. This clarity boosts confidence and effectiveness, making the job more about coaching and connecting, and less about administrative headaches.

From Overwhelmed to Overjoyed

Juggling lessons, shop duties, and more can overwhelm anyone. Operation 36 acts like an extra set of hands, providing tools and resources that streamline everything. This not only smooths out their day-to-day but also shows your staff they’re valued—a key factor in job satisfaction.

The Op 36 Effect: Happy Pros, Thriving Club

Envision a club where staff enthusiasm matches that of the golfers they teach. That’s the Operation 36 effect: creating an environment where pros can thrive, feel supported, and enjoy their work. In turn, this enhances the overall vibe of your club, leading to happier golfers who spend more time (and money) at the club on a regular basis.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Team with Operation 36?

Fed up with the staffing merry-go-round? Ready for a team that's as committed and passionate as you are? It's time for Operation 36. You're not just offering jobs; you're promising careers that any pro would dream of. Let’s make your club a beacon for the best in the business.

Want to see how Operation 36 can transform your team and your club? Reach out, and let’s chat. Together, we can address those staffing woes, setting your club up for lasting success. Here’s to a future where your team is as stable, skilled, and satisfied as can be. Let's make it happen!

How To Create A World Class Ladies Golf Program

Do you have an awesome Ladies Golf Program at your club? If you're sticking to the same old routines and not seeing the smiles and progress you're aiming for, you might be missing a big opportunity. Although Operation 36 is generally known for Junior Golf, our Ladies Golf Programs are a close second! Here are our best tips to help you boost your Ladies Program.

An Environment of Improvement

Clubs that have the best programs are ones where there is a clear environment of continuous improvement. Who doesn’t want to get better? This gives everyone a chance to really dive into golf, getting better little by little, and loving every moment. 

Fun Times Together

Golf's more fun when it's a group thing, right? So, why not make your program feel like a big, friendly gathering? It's all about making each session a bit special, with a welcoming vibe that makes everyone feel at home. When Ladies support each other and share laughs, that's when the real magic happens.

A Personal Touch

Even in a group, everyone loves a bit of one-on-one attention. Starting with something fun is great, but the real gold is when you take a moment to help each golfer individually. It shows you care and you're paying attention. Trust us, they'll appreciate it and feel even more connected to the game—and to you!

Get Organized

Having a plan is like having a secret recipe. Without it, things can get a bit messy. A structured program is your roadmap to success, guiding everyone along and making sure learning is fun and effective. It's like piecing together a puzzle—each piece fits perfectly, revealing a beautiful picture at the end.

More Than Just Golf

Here's the thing: it's not just about golf. It's about creating experiences that last. Encourage your ladies to bring friends, enjoy a chat over a coffee or a meal after their round. These moments are just as precious as the time on the course, creating memories and friendships that enrich the whole experience.

Hit the Green

Getting out on the course can be daunting, but it's a must!  With Operation 36, we make it friendly and fun, showing everyone that the course is a place to enjoy, not fear. With our support, you'll have everything you need to guide them, from lesson plans to a mobile app that tracks all the good stuff.

Celebrate Every Win

Celebrating successes, big or small, is super important. It's about showing progress and cheering for every achievement. With Operation 36, we help you spotlight those moments, making everyone feel like a star. It's all about the cheers, the high-fives, and the "look how far you've come!"

Ready to Make Your Ladies Golf Program a Hit?

If you're nodding your head thinking, "This is exactly what I need!" then it's time to get Operation 36 into your club. Imagine less stress for you and heaps of fun and progress for your golfers. Let's make your program the go-to spot for lady golfers everywhere.

Are you a pro that wants to learn more about bringing Operation 36 to your facility? Let's have a chat! Follow this link, and let's transform your ladies golf program into a season-long journey of fun, friendship, and fabulous golfing. Get ready for those happy faces, eager to play and improve with every round. Let's do this!

Not a golf pro? If you're a golfer looking to join a program, we've got you covered. To find an Operation 36 location near you, simply click here.

Attention Golf Pros: Everything You Need to Master Junior Golf

Have you ever wondered if there's a better way to coach your Junior Golfers? If you're sticking to the same old drills and not seeing the joy and improvement you're hoping for, it might be time to shake things up! Operation 36 Coaches have worked with over 50,000 Junior Golfers over the years. It is safe to say that we know what can make your Junior Program thrive or fizzle! 

Let's dive into some tips that'll make your Junior Program buzz-worthy!

Keep It Going All Season Long

A great Junior Program can't just be a one-time camp or a few random clinics. Nope, it needs to be a season-long adventure! This way, kids get the chance to really get into golf, improving bit by bit, and falling in love with the game. It's all about making sure they get better over time, not just having fun for a day or two.

Game On!

Kids love games, right? So, why not make golf a big game for them? This doesn't mean turning everything into a competition, but adding some fun challenges and game-like drills can really keep things interesting. Each week should have its own theme or topic. All you should have to do is tweak your delivery based on ages and skill levels. If you need ideas, Operation 36 has a database of 100+ games you can use to do this. Your golfers will love knowing what to expect, with a sprinkle of surprise to keep it fresh.

Create Challenges that are "Just Right”

Have you heard about finding the "challenge point"? It's like finding the sweet spot where things are tough, but not too tough. You want to give the kids drills that might take a few tries, so when they finally nail it, they feel super proud and accomplished. It's all about that "Yes! I did it!" feeling.

Get Structured

A good plan is like a treasure map for your program. Without it, you might end up going in circles. Having a structured curriculum means everyone knows where they're heading, making learning smoother and way more fun. It's like building a cool Lego set – follow the steps, and you end up with something awesome.

If They Don’t Play, They Won’t Stay

This is super important: kids need to play actual golf on the course to really get hooked. As PGA Tour player Will McGirt said, "if they don't play, they won't stay." And it's true! Our Operation 36 program puts playing right at the heart of learning. This way, kids don't just learn how to swing; they learn to love the game by actually playing it.

So, if your Junior Program isn't quite hitting these points, you might be missing out on some serious fun and success. Operation 36 is all about making your life easier and your program better. We've got the tools, the games, and the structure to make your junior golf program something kids can't wait to come back to.

Ready to Be a Junior Golf Hero?

If you're nodding along thinking, "Yes, this is what I need!" then it's time to bring Operation 36 to your course. Imagine less stress for you and more fun and improvement for your junior golfers. Let's make your program the place to be for junior golfers everywhere.

Want to know more about getting Operation 36 into your club? Let's chat! Click this link to reach out to us and let's turn your junior golf program into a year-long adventure of fun, learning, and lots of playing. Get ready to see those happy faces, excited to play and improve every week. Let's do this!

Measure What Matters: Curriculum and Tracking for Higher Performance

Raleigh, NC—North Carolina-based golf player development program, Operation 36,
announces that they are hosting a webinar for busy Golf Professionals on Tuesday,
September 12th at 1:00 pm ET.

This workshop “Measure What Matters: Curriculum and Tracking for Higher
Performance” will feature Operation 36 coach Matt Clay PGA, of Del Mar Golf Center.
In just three years of running the Operation 36, Matt Clay, PGA has grown his program to
over 135 Junior Golfers. That is a robust program that requires the right curriculum, the
right tracking and the technology to handle measuring the progress of many golfers.
Matt Clay will be sharing how he has fully embraced and utilized the Operation 36
Curriculum and how he has successfully managed this incredible growth over a three year

Clay will reveal what metrics he tracks consistently to keep his golfers and families
engaged. He will also share how he positions his program in his local market as a complete
program from Beginner to Advanced.

The workshop will be hosted online, on Tuesday, September 12th at 1:00 pm ET. Space is
limited, and those who are interested may grab their seat through this free registration

About Operation 36
Operation 36 is a Division of Golf Genius and is the most effective developmental program to teach beginners how to play golf. All new players begin on the course, and instead of starting at the tee box, they play from 25 yards away from the hole. Once the player shoots par (36) from 25 yards, they back up to 50 yards, and so on, until they are shooting even par (36) from the full tee box. Participants engage in weekly classes taught by golf professionals and all progress of the golfers is tracked in the Operation 36 Platform. The Operation 36 mission is to create 1 million new golfers over the next five years, and they want to help coaches with introducing new golfers and retaining them for the long term


How to Build a $100K Beginner Golf Program