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Integrate your programs with the Operation 36 Development Model

Grow your programs and retain golfers by giving beginners a clear plan to improve.
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Network founded and led by PGA Professionals Matt Reagan and Ryan Dailey


Golf Facilities
Over 525 Facilities trust Op 36 to help them create golfers and grow the game.
Proud supporters and honored to be working with LPGA members 

Turning a beginner into a life-long golfer isn't easy

If you care about your participants and want to retain your golfers for the long-term you need....

1. A Clear On-Course Development Model To Get Them Playing Golf

Beginners will never become a golfer if they don't play the sport.  Stop avoiding getting golfers on the course by providing a clear model to play.

2. Engaging & Educational Classes with a Fun Curriculum

Between each round your golfers want to develop skills in fun training environments.  Gamifying learning and training essential.

3. Technology to Build Community, Track Progress & Engage Golfers

By having a common model to follow, technology can automate golfers to stay motivated by measuring improvement & clearly seeing goals.

What does your facility get with Op 36?

The Operation 36 Development Model

Know exactly where each of your golfers are in their development!  Track your golfers journey through 10 on-course divisions.  From your golfers first 9 hole round to becoming a scratch golfer, your participants will have a clear plan to play.
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Program Advisor

PGA Professionals that have run very successful programs will be assigned to your facility to ensure your success.

Pre-Built Programs

Pre-built programs to help you build out an entire year of programming in only a few minutes! 

Marketing Material

You will receive marketing material that you can customize to your facility to help promote your programs!

Online Leads

Interested students will be funneled directly to you through our Find a Coach map.

Online Resources

Best practice articles, tutorials, and FB Lives are added weekly to help you with any questions you may have.

Coaching Platform

Easily track your student's progress in the Op 36 Development Model and motivate them with the social tools.
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How is an Operation 36 Program structured? 

Operation 36 blends together playing golf (with the Op 36 Format) with educational weekly classes or camps to learn and develop golf skills. Players also have clear goals and technology to help guide them.

Run On-Course Events

The Operation 36 Program's foundation is getting players out on the course using the standardized format.
No travel required, host at your course
9 hole events take less than 2 hours
Easily log & send scores in web app

Offer a Camp or Weekly Classes

By adding structure and a curriculum students and parents know exactly what they will be working on each week.
Follow the pre-built video lesson plans
Be planned digitally before the season
Instant access to Op 36 activity database

Engage and Track Progress

Because the students actually go play golf you are able to track their progress and more effectively help them reach their goals. 
Gamify your golfers improvement
Issue goals & print reports via the app
Send program announcements
"I started with Op 36 just doing an 8-week pilot program in November. I had 15 students sign up, and now a year later I have 49 students in my program!" 

Tony Allen, PGA

Meadowbrook Farms Golf Academy - Katy, TX
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Did you know...

There are 12 million people who have said they are interested to learn golf, but have never tried it?

Let's change that!

What happens when I sign-up for Operation 36?

You will be assigned a Program Advisor to guide you

Our trained Program Advisors are PGA Professionals who have run very successful Operation 36 Programs. Schedule as many calls as you need for help planning, marketing, launching and running your program.

We will build your portal and add your facility to the Op 36 Map

Next, we will issue you logins to the Operation 36 Program Portal. Your location will also be listed on our Operation 36 map to start getting leads of families interested in your programs.

Finally, we will help you launch your program and support you full-time

Our online education, resources, and coaching tools in your portal make it a breeze to execute your programs. If you ever get stuck, you can schedule a call with your advisor or chat us Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM.

Our goal is to introduce 1,000,000 new golfers to the game by 2025!

We need your help to accomplish that goal. Get started today to help grow the game!
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10 Years of Research & Development

Programs that leverage the Operation 36 Development Model are accelerating the way beginners learn to play golf 

1. Play Golf With a Clear Model
You wouldn't get swim lessons without getting into the pool, would you? Op 36  Locations center their programs around giving you a fun model to play 9 holes and track improvement over time.
2. Golf Pros Track Progress
Each Op 36 Training Community is led by Pros who care. All your playing and training data is shared with your coach to help guide you. Know exactly where your skills are and follow a clear plan to improve.
3. Community Based Training
Everyone in Op 36 has a common goal of working towards shooting 36 for 9 holes. Train with an encouraging group of golfers working together to improve.
4. Clear Curriculum And Goals
The Op 36 Curriculum has attainable on-course goals and milestones already set for you. Your coach can also issue and review private goals with you right in the mobile app.
5. Technology Guided Training
You should never feel lost. The Op 36 App is your tool to guide you through your entire journey. From playing golf to training your skills, just open it up at the course and go!
6. Gamified Golf Journey
We believe getting better at the game should feel like a game! Every action you take to improve levels up your profile and helps your community climb the global leaderboard.

Learn from other Pros in the Network

"It's a fantastic program and they're constantly improving it. Far and away the best money I've spent as a Golf Professional."

Kyle Voska, PGA

The Links Golf Course - Littleton, CO
Also known as Op 36, we are a team of golf professionals and golf enthusiasts that are aiming to change the way the golf industry introduces and progresses beginners in playing the game of golf.
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