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The most effective developmental programs and technology to introduce and guide anyone in playing the game of golf
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A class of junior golfers training their putting
Give your junior the best environment to become a skilled golfer!
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It's never to late to learn to play. Give yourself a clear plan to become a golfer!
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Start offering your golfers Developmental Programming with Operation 36!
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Traditional beginner golf programs are incomplete

They don't include playing golf

Could you imagine learning to swim without getting in the pool?  You want to learn to play golf, but the truth is most programs keep you on a range and avoid playing golf all together.

You feel lost and have no clear plan

When you start golf, it can feel overwhelming.  You should have a clear plan to develop your skills. Most programs never provide you a clear model or curriculum to follow.

There is no technology to guide you

Most programs don't offer progress tracking. If they do, we guarantee it isn't designed for beginners.  You need specific tools to guide your golf development and it should be FUN!

Learning to play golf can be an overwhelming and frustrating experience if you don't have a clear plan. Operation 36 provides beginners with the most effective developmental programs and technology to learn to play golf. Become a skilled golfer by following a motivating roadmap to shooting Par (36) or better for 9 holes!

Join a local program to start your golf journey today!

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Here is your Complete Program Plan to become a skilled golfer...

Play 9 Holes With Op 36

Test Your Skills on The Course

Group of adults playing golf
Play your first 9 Holes using the Operation 36 Development Model.

Learn & Develop Skills

Attend Weekly Classes or Camps

Op 36 coach helping junior with their chipping
Join a program to learn in engaging classes from coaches who care.

Train & Track Your Progress

Stay Connected With Your Coach

Op 36 student using Op 36 app GPS to find their tee box
Log your first score and use the app to guide improvement over time.
Operation 36 Programs are Built on a Proprietary Development Model

The Operation 36 Golf Development Model 

No matter your skill level, you are ready to Play 9 Holes Today!

How it works:


Golfers Play 9 Holes From Division 1 (25 Yards)

Instead of starting at the full tee box, you will begin in Division 1.  This means you will play 9 holes starting 25 yards from each green.

Shoot par (36) or better to pass a Division

Your challenge is to shoot 36!  If you shoot par (36) or better, you will progress to Division 2, and start 50 yards from each green your next round.

Track Progress & Complete as many Divisions as possible!

All progress is tracked in the Operation 36 Mobile App.  This challenge continues until the golfer can shoot par (36) from all 10 divisions!
Op 36 App image of the train tab in a user's profile

Community Goal: Shoot 36 for 9 holes  in all 10 Divisions

The Operation 36 On-Course Model with Standard Divisions and Full Tee Box Divisions
"Operation 36 is just a way better structured program. The progression through the yardages and being play-based, everything is focused around playing golf."
Will McGirt
PGA Tour Winner & Op 36 Parent

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The Operation 36 Development Model gives purpose to any coaching program. 

Play Centered

Golfers actually play a full 9 holes on the course. Most programs shy away from playing golf altogether


A brand new golfer can finish playing 9 holes in under 1.5 hours and will never hold up other groups.


Goals are achievable and based off of a golfer's skill level.  This allows them to feel success from day 1.


Golfers can see their progress and have a long-term plan for improvement.
  • "We have found the structure of Operation 36 to be very good for our child's development in all areas on and off the golf course. The matches provide a motivating way for the kids to test their skills, and teach perseverance when they hit a challenging yardage."
    Steve Uhorchak
    Operation 36 Parent
  • "Both my son and I are Operation 36 students. The Ladies program gives me an opportunity to learn golf in a fun and supportive setting. The small group lessons gives me the instruction needed to be successful and confident on the course."
    Michelle Denning
    Op 36 Parent & Adult Participant
  • "I absolutely love the program. It has been a huge success with my programs. What’s the coolest part is it can be used for everyone. Our ladies group loves it."
    Meredith Loose, LPGA & PGA
    Operation 36 Coach
  • "Our son loves the group practices with friends and thrives on the instruction provided by his coach. We really like how the matches are conducted - starting at 25 yards and then moving farther away. This gives kids the feeling of success by shooting lower scores than if they tried learning from the family tees."
    Stephen Eastman
    Operation 36 Parent

The Operation 36 App

The Op 36 Mobile App is your guide that makes getting better fun!
You and your family can...

Play golf and track your journey

The first step to improving is to play golf! Follow the on-course GPS to find your Op 36 tee-box and track your stats with the Play Feature.

View curriculum and goals

Goals are like guard rails in your golf development. Say goodbye to lesson notes. Throughout the program, coaches can issue a video goal, review it, and complete it as you develop.

Train your skills

Not sure what or how to practice at the course? Follow a series of drills that are tailored to make it fun to improve your skills that will lead to lower scores.

Achieve milestones and level up!

Every action you take to improve your game levels up your skills on your profile. Accomplish milestones and earn your training community points in the Op 36 Global Challenge!

Connect with your coach and community

View your friends in the program and training community. Give them a "golf clap" and encourage them on their journey.
iPhone view of Op 36 home screen
Your coach can...

Track your progress over time

Your golf journey is shared with your coach. If you ever feel lost in your development they can easily help set goals and guide you.

Run reports to guide you

The Op 36 Coach Reports allow your coach to give you the latest insight into your game. Parents of juniors can also see their juniors journey and development.

Issue goals and practice plans

Coaches can easily issue golfers' video goals either prior to joining a program or after a lesson. Coaches can also help guide your training with practice plans.

Prepare program lesson plans

We believe every class you attend should be engaging and efficient. Our network shares best practices, drills, activities, to ensure every golfer is getting the best.

Send program announcements

From celebrating accomplishments to program announcements, the Op 36 App centralizes coach communication and schedule for the golfer/family.

Are you interested in becoming a golfer?

Download our "Getting Into Golf Guide"

You want to become a skilled golfer, and we want to help get you there.  The truth is you can be wasting time and money if you join a program that is "incomplete".  Use this guide to learn:
  • How to evaluate a golf program
  • Family benefits of playing golf
  • How to become a golfer with the Op 36 Model
  • How the Op 36 Junior Development Model Works
  • Frequently Asked Questions on Starting Golf

10 Years of Research & Development

Programs that leverage the Operation 36 Development Model are accelerating the way beginners learn to play golf
1. Play Golf With a Clear Model
You wouldn't get swim lessons without getting into the pool, would you? Op 36  Locations center their programs around giving you a fun model to play 9 holes and track improvement over time.
2. Golf Pros Track Progress
Each Op 36 Training Community is led by Pros who care. All your playing and training data is shared with your coach to help guide you. Know exactly where your skills are and follow a clear plan to improve.
3. Community Based Training
Everyone in Op 36 has a common goal of working towards shooting 36 for 9 holes. Train with an encouraging group of golfers working together to improve.
4. Clear Curriculum And Goals
The Op 36 Curriculum has attainable on-course goals and milestones already set for you. Your coach can also issue and review private goals with you right in the mobile app.
5. Technology Guided Training
You should never feel lost. The Op 36 App is your tool to guide you through your entire journey. From playing golf to training your skills, just open it up at the course and go!
6. Gamified Golf Journey
We believe getting better at the game should feel like a game! Every action you take to improve levels up your profile and helps your community climb the global leaderboard.

Start Your Family's Golf Journey to 
Shooting Even Par (36) or Better Today!

"Operation 36 has made a fantastic impact on Griffin Golf and our community. We have the privilege of teaching at 3 different facilities and share this program with all women and juniors! We enjoy creating golfers and getting everyone on the course shooting 36 or better for 9 holes. We have over 200 students in our community and the upgraded app has been fantastic getting the golfers engaged in the program! Operation 36 provides a road map for our students and keeps them working on their game all year long."
Sara Griffin, PGA
Operation 36 Top 50 Coach
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Join the over 70,000 golfers who wanted a complete golf program

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