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 Operation 36 Coach Certification
Unlock the Confidence to Run an Effective Group Coaching Program with Operation 36
New Version 2.0 Released Fall 2023
Transform How You Approach Group Coaching
Group coaching can be challenging to execute.  The Operation 36 Level 1 Certification takes over 13 years of R&D in executing effective group coaching programs and gives Golf Pros the practical knowledge and experience to level up their coaching skills. It is not just information; it’s hands-on training tailored to elevate your coaching techniques while teaching you the Op 36 Model.
Why should you attend?
Depth and Wisdom: Unpack 13 years of specialized R&D in two impactful days, optimizing your group coaching skills
Expert Guidance: Receive hands-on training and mentorship from seasoned Golf Pros who have mastered the art of group coaching.
Live, Engaging Simulations: Participate in a live coaching experience in a group class and on-course setting using the Op 36 Model & Curriculum.
Effective Coaching Models: Absorb and apply practical tips, strategies, and models that are the gold standard in mastering group coaching.
Strategic Program Planning: Emerge with the knowledge and confidence to strategically plan and execute an annual group coaching program with precision and impact.

What Will I Learn?

Executing a Successful Operation 36 Program

Learn how the Op 36 Curriculum can provide a turn-key solution for classes

You never have to worry about having a coaching concept to cover or training activities with the Op 36 Curriculum.  We will show you exactly how and why we structured the 6 Level curriculum, and how easy it is to use in classes.

Learn how to get beginners on the course using the Op 36 Model

Experience the Operation 36 first hand using our Scale to Skill model.  See how easy it is to get beginners to play in under 2 hours, and to get them excited to want to play 9 holes regularly from day 1 of their journey.

Learn how to build a culture of improvement by tracking progress

Learn how the Op 36 Technology is designed to track and analyze each golfer’s progress overtime. Build a culture of improvement to enhance retention by using strategies that foster continuous improvement and achievement in your golfers.

Long-Term Group Coaching Skills

Improve your ability to effectively coach in groups of 6 -12 students

Through our certification, you’ll master the art of managing and coaching groups effectively, ensuring every participant’s growth and engagement. Learn the strategies that foster a conducive and productive learning environment for groups.

Learn to use Gamification to keep a golfers engaged for years

We’ll share creative approaches to keep golfers engaged, motivated, and passionate about learning. Discover the secrets behind fostering a dynamic and stimulating learning atmosphere for classes and beyond.

Learn techniques for teaching skills in a group format

Teaching technique in a private lesson is easy, but how do you teach in a group? What should you teach? Our certification equips you with cutting-edge methodologies to teach you how to apply your personal preferences in a group setting.

Group Program Business & Administration Skills

Walk away with your first 8 Week 
Op 36 Program planned 

We will show you exactly how over 700 locations are setting up their program to make $150+ per hour coaching beginners. After your first program is planned, its as easy as launching registration!

Learn effective scheduling and communication techniques

If you don't setup your program the right way you can double your workload.  Learn how to price and setup a program that is systemized to maxmize your $/hr while making it work for your golf facility.

Learn how to limit your admin time by properly Pricing & Market Programs 

Enhance your marketing prowess with actionable strategies and templates specifically designed for golf coaching. These easy tips will help you effectively promote your programs to attract and retain golfers.

Junior Golf Development

Learn how to manage groups of kids and to organize by skill / age

Juniors develop at different rates.  Managing developmental ages and skills can be challenging if you don't setup your schedule with the right framework.  We will teach you exactly how to get started and scale to teaching multiple ages and skill levels.

Learn how to show your juniors if they are on track with their long-term goals.

The Operation 36 Junior Golf Development Model gives you a one click tool to show juniors where they are in relation to their goals.  Learn how to manage parent & player expectations by using real data from over 130,000 golfers around the world.

Learn our best techniques for incorporating and educating parents

When running a junior program you can't avoid educating and involving parents.  Learn the tools, tips, and techniques to clearly set expectations on how they can positively be a part of their golfers journey.
The Agenda
Get Comfortable Coaching in Groups While Learning How to Build a Successful Business

Day 1

Teaching Group Classes + Getting Beginners On-Course
-9:00 AM  - Opening and Introductions
- 9:30AM - Live Simulation  Playing 9 Holes with Op 36 Model
- 11:30 AM - Indoor - Effectively Managing 9 Hole Events
- 12:30 PM - Lunch 
- 1:30 PM - Indoor - Structuring Group Classes 
- 2:30 PM - Live Simulation - Group Coaching Class
- 4:00  PM - Recap of the Day & Dinner

Day 2

Tracking Golfer Progress + Program Administration
-9:00 AM  - Opening and Introductions
- 9:30AM - Live Simulation 2 -  Playing 9 Holes with Op 36 Model
- 11:30 AM - Indoor - Planning a Program (Schedule + Pricing)
- 12:30 PM - Lunch 
- 1:30 PM - Live Simulation - Group Coaching Class
- 2:30 PM - Indoor - Using Communication & Coaching Tools
- 4:00  PM - Top Tips for Marketing Your Programs 
- 4:30 PM - Recap of the Day & Dinner

What Coaches Are Saying

After attending the Level 1 Certification, I feel confident in executing 9 hole events and engaging academy classes at my club. It was also great to see the complete lifecycle of a student going through the program and the many milestones the app provides to keep the student motivated and engaged throughout their golf journey. What a great two days.

Level 1 Certification Attendee

(North Carolina, February 2024)
The Op36 Level 1 training has better prepared me for growing our club Jr. Program and Adult Ladies Program. The hands-on and in-person experiences were well worth the expense. Our club has offered Op 36 for the last 4 years, I feel this class/certification allows me to roll out a "New and Improved" Operation 36 Program this year.

Level 1 Certification Attendee

(Texas, March 2024)

Certification Instructors

Each Event is led by a team of Golf Professional who are on staff at Operation 36 HQ.  These pros have ran the program successfully and have helped 1000's of Golf Pros execute successful programs.
Ryan Dailey, PGA - Operation 36 Co-Founder

Ryan Dailey, PGA

Co-Founder, Operation 36
Op 36 Co-Founder Matt Reagan, PGA

Matt Reagan, PGA

Co-Founder,  Operation 36
Seth Thompson, PGA - Operation 36 Golf Program Advisor

Seth Thompson, PGA

Program Advisor, Operation 36 Golf
Michael Brooks, PGA - Operation 36 Golf Program Advisor

Michael Brooks, PGA

Program Advisor, Operation 36 Golf

Sam Giallombardo, PGA

Program Advisor, Operation 36 Golf

Martin Lucas, PGA

Raleigh City Manager, Operation 36 Golf

Certification Locations & Schedule

Turtle Hill Resort | Elbow Cay, Bermuda
October 3rd & 4th 2023
Keith Hills Golf Club | Buies Creek, NC
February 5th & 6th 2024
Royal Oaks Country Club | Houston, TX
March 19th & 20th 2024
Dupont Country Club | Wilmington, DE
April 16th & 17th 2024
PGA of Alberta - Red Deer Golf & Country Club I Red Deer, AB
June 5th & 6th 2024
Sold Out
Carolina Country Club - Spartanburg, SC
August 5th and 6th 2024
Philadelphia Cricket Club | Philadelphia, PA
September 9th and 10th 2024
The Olympic Club | San Francisco, CA
September 24th & 25th 2024
Oregon Golf Club | West Linn, OR
October 29th & 30th 2024
Keith Hills Golf Club | Buies Creek, NC
November 5th & 6th 2024
In Network
Active Op 36 Program Location
Includes both days of training, continental breakfast & a lunch
12 PDR Approved Credits for PGA Professionals
Out of Network
Not at an Active Op 36 Program Location
Includes both days of training, continental breakfast & a lunch
12 PDR Approved Credits for PGA Professionals
Are you a PGA Golf Management Student?  Email Support@Op36Golf.com for 50% off the Certification 


Is the Operation 36 Certification only for Golf Pros and Coaches at active Op 36 Program locations?

No.  Anyone can get Operation 36 Certified.  Take control of your future.  Standout for your next interview, and feel confident that you can bring a program that will positive affect your golf facility.

If you are a Golf Pro employed at an active program location you get a significant discount.  Please send your Program Advisor a note for the registration coupon code.

If I attend the Certification, does that mean I will get access to the Operation 36 Program tools and be a location?

Not Necessarily.  Each Golf Facility needs to sign-up and maintain an Active Annual License to be a Program Location and have access to the Op 36 Tools and resources.

When you get Certified and are at an Active Location location you will standout as a "Certified" location on our program map.  Certified locations tend to get more potential participants and it is proven are much more successful.

Do I need to take a test afterwards to be certified?

No there is no exam.  The training is very hands on and we ask that you participate over the two days.

Can I attend a Level 1 Certification more than once?

Yes! in fact, it is encouraged to attend year after year at a return fee of $50.  Attend once to get just enough to get started or attend multiple times to become an expert.

What happens after I sign up?

You will be added to an event portal  where you will have more details for your specific event and we will communicate with you through that portal.

I have more questions who should I reach out to?

Please email Support@op36golf.com, or click the chat button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.  Our team of golf enthusiast and professionals are here to help guide you.

There is no location near me, can I request a certification near me?

If we don't have a location near you please send an email to Support@op36golf.com.  Your feedback helps us select future locations.

Can I send multiple coaches from my facility to get certified? Is there a multiple coach discount?

Yes, if additional coaches are employed at an active program location, they will receive a 20% discount. Please send your Program Advisor an email to receive a registration coupon code.

Is there other Levels to the Certification?

Yes.  The Level 2 Certification schedule will be announced in 2024.  Please check back for more information soon. 
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