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The Op 36 Coaching Platform

The Golf Professional's Hub for Running a Successful Long-Term Golf Development Program
Graphic of the Op 36 technology for coaches

Connecting Pros, Golfers, and Parents Using the Operation 36TM Mobile App

The Operation 36TM platform helps you plan, execute, and report on your long-term developmental programs! 


Organize Your Staff This Year
Dedicated PGA Professional Assigned to Help You Plan and Execute Your Programs
Pre-Built Marketing Designed to Get You Students
Pre-Built Lesson Plans 
Drag & Drop Lesson Plan Builder
60+ Games, Drills & Coaching Activities
Upload Your Own Drills and Activities


Engage & Motivate Golfers
View Class Lesson Plans From Mobile App
Send Announcements and Emails to Keep Everyone up to Date
View Golfer Actions in Social Feed
"Golf Clap" & "Comment" to Motivate Golfers
Run On-Course Events With the 9-Hole Event Feature


Track Student Progress & Show Your Value
Give Your Students a Snapshot of Their Progress With the Player Journey Report
Show Your Value With the Facility Impact Report
Operation 36 Development Model Reporting
Plus 7 More Reports to Enhance Your Academy
Operation 36 Golf web app lesson plan builder

Choose pre-built lesson plans or create your own with the builder

Have all your lesson plans for classes done and in your pocket before the season starts! Plan your coaching sessions by selecting from a database of over 60+ coaching activities or student drills that you can drag and drop into a timeline for classes and camps.  Just watch the videos and follow your lesson plans!

Don't want to create your own?  Just select from our pre-built programs to get from a one day camp to 16 session program! 

Keep your entire staff on the same page with your lessons plans at their finger tips

Integrate any camp, clinic, curriculum, or coaching program with the Op 36 on-course development model.  This gives your golfers a clear plan to get on the course, while giving you a clear picture of where they are in their development and many tools to report progress.  Use the events feature to run 9 hole Op 36 Events, and easily send the results to families digitally, while posting the scores to golfers profiles.
Operation 36 Golf app lesson plan viewer
Class screen in Op 36 Mobile App

Create classes and groups to engage, communicate and motivate golfers

Groups are your tool to help you organize your students for classes, camps, or any other purpose. In each group you will see a feed and leaderboard to see your golfers actions outside of classes. You can also easily post announcements which sends participants an email and stores it in their group for them to see later.  

Provide your students with a long-term plan using the Operation 36TM Curriculum

Very similar to subjects in school, one or two of these skills is covered in class each week. The skills each have an educational goal to work towards that challenge golfers to work on developing their game. These Skills and Goals are guides in golfers development. 
Operation 36 Golf app curriculum page
The Operation 36 Player Journey Report

Give Your Students a Snapshot of Their Progress With the Player Journey Report

The Player Journey Report is a great way to give your junior and adult students a brief overview of their progress in a fun, motivational, and easy-to-digest manner. Your students will be able to see their all-time stats, progress in the Op 36 Divisions and Curriculum, and personalized notes from you!

Your families and beginners want a proven tool to see progress over-time.

Operation 36 Guarantees to never stop giving you and your coaches the best tools to become a skilled life-long golfer.

How do I use the Technology with my golfers?

Just follow these 3 simple steps

1. Invite Golfers to Your Custom Op 36 Community

Golfers will make an account on Operation 36 and will be added to your community.

2. Create your programs to organize golfers.

Once in your community you can add begin adding them to program groups, tracking progress, and communicating each week.

3. Follow your lesson plans and execute programs.

Run Op 36 Events, follow your lesson plans, issue lesson reviews & engage your community in the app!
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