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6 Ranks | 12 Skills | 72 Total Goals to Guide Golfers 

A Structured Curriculum to Guide You

Golf can be complex if not broken into easy to understand chunks. Our golf professional advisors have developed the 12 Skills over the last 10 years as our standard. Very similar to subjects in school, one or two of these skills is covered in class each week. The skills each have an educational goal to work towards that challenge golfers to work on developing their game. These Skills and Goals are guides in golfers development. They do not guarantee that a golfer will shoot 36 for 9 holes from each division, but are here to support you, guide you, and give you small successes along the journey. 

What is the Curriculum?

We never want participants to feel lost and we want you to feel small successes as you become a golfer. 

That is why the Operation 36 Curriculum:
Was designed to be a fun and motivating road-map of educational goals
Is built to focus on the skills you will need to train based on your on-course division 
Continues to build off of previous skills you have developed as you progress
NOTE TO GOLFERS: This curriculum cannot be delivered without the supervision of a trained golf professional. Not all locations use the Op 36 Curriculum. This is an optional tool for the professionals. 
Graphic showing the curriculum in the Op 36 Mobile App

The 7 Technical Skills

Goals designed to help guide your technical execution of golf shots.
Operation 36 Golf Posture Skill


Posture contains the skills and knowledge the golfer needs to be able to demonstrate a consistent powerful golf swing. We start by giving the basics of posture in the setup. As the golfer progresses through the levels they will learn how to maintain their posture dynamically while swinging the golf club.
Operation 36 Golf Power Skill


Power contains all of the skills and knowledge the golfer needs to be able to hit the golf ball far. We believe it is important to know how to hit the ball a reasonable distance to make the game enjoyable! We teach the most important technical skills and fundamentals first to give our golfers the the best chance to hit it far!
Operation 36 Golf Grip Skill


Grip contains the technical skills and knowledge the golfer needs to demonstrate to master the grip. The grip is not only the closest connection the golfer has with the club face, but it is essential to have a proper grip to allow the golf club to swing properly.
Operation 36 Golf Ball Flight Skill

Ball Flight

Ball Flight contains the technical skills and knowledge our golfers needs to demonstrate to be able to use the club efficiently to execute a golf shot. These skills teach the golfer how to execute different types of shots and cover the basics of controlling the club face and club path through impact.
Operation 36 Golf Alignment Skill


Alignment gives our golfers a solid base for understanding how important learning to align at their target is. Alignment is very important to be as efficient as possible. Once the golfer progresses through the first few levels we begin to cover how to change the alignments to influence different types of ball flight.
Operation 36 Golf Putting Skill


Putting contains all of the technical skills and knowledge the golfer needs to demonstrate to become a master putter! The putter is one of the most important tools in the golfers bag. It is designed to get the ball in the hole. This skill teaches the golfer how to use the putter efficiently to get the ball in the hole!
Operation 36 Golf Green Reading Skill

Green Reading

Green Reading contains all of the knowledge and skills the golfer needs to demonstrate to become a master green reader! The students learn basic to complex green reading skills that teach them exactly how to predict how the ball is going to roll to make them a master putter.
"The Operation 36 curriculum does a great job of defining the fundamentals and the 6 levels allows the students to progress as their skills develop." 
Justin Adkins
Operation 36 Parent

The 3 Education and Athlete Skills

Goals designed to ensure you are educated & healthy to play golf
Operation 36 Golf Mastery Skill


Mastery contains the information the golfers need to learn to master the sport.
Operation 36 Golf Honor Skill


Honor contains all the knowledge and experiences the golfers need to learn to understand the history and how to play the game.
Operation 36 Golf Fitness Skill

Fitness and Nutrition

Fitness & Nutrition contains sports nutrition education & fitness benchmarks to help instill an athletic base for our golfers.
Click here to see everything included in the Op 36 Starter Kit

The Operation 36 Starter Kit

The Op 36 Starter Kit makes it fun for juniors to track progress throughout the program. It includes everything a junior/parent would need to get started. Operation 36 locations that use the curriculum typically also use the kit for juniors as well.
Contents of Kit:
Progress Bag Tag (tracks all 6 levels)
Tracking Poster for Your Junior
Parent and Junior Program Guide
Divot Tool
Hat Clip With Ball Marker
Op 36 Tees
OnCore Golf Ball

The 2 Performance Skills

Goals designed to ensure you are putting in the time necessary to become a golfer
Operation 36 Golf Work Ethic Skill

Work Ethic

Work Ethic educates the golfer that it takes time and practice to become skilled at the sport. This goal sets outside practice session benchmarks for golfers and helps them understand what tees they should be playing when they are on the golf course. Learning the proper way to practice is essential for the student to become a scratch golfer.
Operation 36 Golf Performance Skill


Performance sets scoring benchmarks for the golfer. Our target… the score of 36 or better! By starting the golfers at Division1, a 225 Yard 9 hole course, we challenge and progress them at their own rate. This goal teaches the golfer how to constantly challenge themselves during practice and playing to improve.


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