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The Op 36 App for Golfers & Families

Connecting you with your coach, & guiding your entire golf journey.

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Train, Play, and Track Your Progress

The Op 36 Mobile App is your guide that makes getting better fun!
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Play Golf - Find Your Tee-Box & Log Scores

Earn 50 Points for your community when you play golf! The Play feature allows you to use the GPS to find your Op 36 Division Tee-Box and digitally track your stats.

Train Your Skills - Know What to Practice

Earn 25 Points for your community when you train your skills! Level up your skills by tracking time put into each skill.
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Operation 36 Golf app global leaderboard page

Learn Skills - The Op 36 Curriculum Videos

Every student has access to Level 1 of the Op 36 Curriculum. Coaches will cover these skills in classes and mark them complete when you master a skill. Complete all 12 to unlock Level 2!

Check for Coach Announcements

Stay up-to-date with coach program communication by visiting your Class/Group page and viewing the Announcements tab. Coaches centralize communication for the program here.
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Operation 36 Golf app global leaderboard page

The Global Challenge - Connect & Encourage

Every golf action you log earns points for your community and helps it climb the Monthly Global Challenge Leaderboard! Be sure to connect and encourage others in your community feed as well!

Made for Families 

Families participating in Op 36 based programs can easily switch between their golfers accounts without having to log in and out.
Op 36 Mobile App Family Switcher

Made for Juniors

Your coaches have access to the one of a kind Junior Golf Development Model to guide their journey for the long-term.
The Junior Golf Development Model on an iPadLearn about the Dev Model

You deserve Coaches with the tools to guide your family

Operation 36 Guarantees to never stop giving you and your coaches the best tools to become a skilled life-long golfer.

Ready to start your Golf Journey?

Just follow these 3 simple steps

1. Find your Op 36 Location

Search our map to find a golf facility that is leveraging the Operation 36 Development Model and Technology near you.

2. Request Information

Fill out the form at your preferred locations.  Your local coach will reach out and educate you about their programs.

3. Join a Program

Find a program that fit's your golfing goals, & your coach will invite you to their community & issue you an Op 36 Profile.
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