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A Parent’s Guide to Encouraging a Junior Golfer

By Kevin Martin
Over the years, we have worked with a lot of Juniors and a lot of parents, and we can say that we have heard parents give a lot of feedback! While we believe parents are well-intentioned, it can be very tricky to know the “right” thing to say to your Junior after a nine-hole event […]

3 Reasons Parents Should Not Expect Their Junior Golfer to be Consistent

By Cory Kinsinger, PGA
Parents want the best for their kids. This is true in life and golf. We want the same thing. That is why in a previous article, I went through how most golfers have a misconception of what consistency is. I showed examples of scores from several PGA and LPGA to show their level of “consistency” […]

There is No “One-Size-Fits-All” For Junior Golf Development

By Matt Reagan, PGA
The game of golf mirrors life in many ways. It is a dynamic long-term journey. What we liked about the game one year, may be different the next. As a junior becomes more competent in the sport, their motivation and interests will change. For Golf Professionals, building a junior golf developmental program comes with its […]

The Cost of Getting your Reps In - Don’t Break the Bank!

By Ryan Dailey, PGA
The Cost of Competing in Golf At Operation 36 Golf, we believe to improve at a skill you must “get your reps in.” To improve at playing the game of golf, you must get your reps in playing the game of golf on the golf course. To improve at playing in formal golf events, you […]

3 Skills That Golf Can Teach Your Child... That May Surprise You

By Ryan Dailey, PGA
We want your child to participate in sports.  We love sports.  We know sports can teach skills that will help participants be more successful personally, professionally, and in our community. Over the past 10 years, we have taught many juniors and would love to share the lessons that we have seen them learn through golf […]

What is the Most Effective Way to Motivate Your Child?

By Ryan Dailey, PGA
As parents, we want our kids to be MOTIVATED. Why? We want them to set goals and then be motivated to create daily habits and systems to work towards achieving them. If we could instill this principle of goal-setting and consistently working towards it, we know we will have helped them develop skills that will […]
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