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The most Complete Program Model to develop Junior Golfers from ages 6-18

From their first round to shooting even par (36) or better for 9 holes!




"Operation 36 is just a way better structured program. The progression through the yardages and being play-based, everything is focused around playing golf."
Will McGirt
PGA Tour Winner & Op 36 Parent
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Game-based clinics and camps aren't enough

A Developmental Program is necessary to give your junior the best environment possible to become a skilled golfer.


1. Will my junior actually play golf and learn to set goals?

Could you learn to swim if you never got in the pool?  If your junior never plays on the course, they will never become a golfer. Most programs avoid playing all together, and rarely give a clear goal-based roadmap.

2. Do you have a fun curriculum & long-term development model?

You would not enroll your kid in a school that didn't have a curriculum would you?  The truth is most golf programs just play games every class and don't have a plan. Classes should feel like a game, but coaches should follow a long-term curriculum.

3. Do you use technology to track progress of my golfer?

Like any sport, golf takes time to become highly skilled.  Without a way to track development over time, your junior will feel lost, lose motivation, and interest will fade. Technology should be used to keep parents, coaches, and golfer on the same page.

Your junior deserves a motivating short & long-term plan to become a golfer

Let's Explore

Step 1 

Play Their First 9 Holes

Playing the game is the best way to learn!  Operation 36 locations are led by Golf Professionals who will provide your junior with a 9 hole playing experience with the Op 36 Model. Caddy for your junior as they begin their golf journey. Coaches will log your juniors 9 hole scores on their profile to begin to track their golf development overtime.

Learn More About The On-Course Development Model

Step 2

Learn Skills in Fun Classes

We make learning the game feel like a game!  Your junior will make friends and learn skills in fun engaging classes.  Op 36 coaches have created and shared over 100+ age appropriate games. Juniors have so much fun they have no idea they are learning and developing skills! Each location is equipped & digital class planning tools to ensure you get the most organized program.  Some Op 36 locations also use the Operation 36 Curriculum to make learning in classes a fun and engaging experience.

View the Op 36 Curriculum & Junior Starter Kits

Step 3 

Train & Track Progress

The Op 36 Mobile App is your families guide to play and practice outside of classes. Your juniors classes shouldn't only feel like a game, their entire golf development should!  

All your playing and training data is sent to your coach automatically to help guide you in your development.  You and your junior can learn from educational videos sent by your coach, and see all your goals and journey in one spot.  We believe in connecting parent, coach, and golfer in a motivating and encouraging way!
Learn more about the Technology

Step 4 

Repeat Steps 1-3!

This cycle provides your junior with a clear and motivating plan year after year.  With Operation 36 your junior will see bite size success every step of the way.  This builds momentum, confidence, patience, and work ethic over time.  By following the recommended development guidelines, you and your coaches can give your junior the best environment possible to learn a sport and lessons that will last a lifetime!
View the Operation 36 Junior Development Model

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See what Parents are Saying

  • "We have found the structure of Operation 36 to be very good for our child's development in all areas on and off the golf course. The matches provide a motivating way for the kids to test their skills, and teach perseverance when they hit a challenging yardage."
    Steve Uhorchak
    Operation 36 Parent
  • "Both my son and I are Operation 36 students. The Ladies program gives me an opportunity to learn golf in a fun and supportive setting. The small group lessons gives me the instruction needed to be successful and confident on the course."
    Michelle Denning
    Op 36 Parent & Adult Participant
  • "Our son loves the group practices with friends and thrives on the instruction provided by his coach. We really like how the matches are conducted - starting at 25 yards and then moving farther away. This gives kids the feeling of success by shooting lower scores than if they tried learning from the family tees."
    Stephen Eastman
    Operation 36 Parent
10 Years of Research and Development
Created and run by Golf Professionals 
Programs center around playing the game of golf! 
Technology Guided Training That Is Built For Families
Proven Golf & Athlete Development Model to Follow
Age Appropriate Game-Based Training Environments
Trained Golf Professionals with tools to guide you

Golf is the sport every child should play

Give your child a sport they will play for a lifetime

Invest in a fun hobby for your child that can be played for a life-time.

Participate with your child by playing or caddying for them

Golf is one of few sports that parents or grandparents can participate with kids!

Your junior can't hide from the lessons golf teaches them

Playing golf teaches so many life lessons that will shape your juniors character!

How is the Operation 36 Program structured? 

Operation 36 blends together playing golf (with the Op 36 Format) with educational weekly classes or camps to learn and develop golf skills. Players also have clear goals & technology to help guide them.

Sample 8 Week Program

Join a Program leveraging Operation 36 to get a complete environment with every piece you need to become a golfer.

Explore Additional Junior Golf Development Tools

Operation 36 Junior Golf Development Model


The 6 Level Curriculum + Junior Starter Kits


Family Designed 
Technology Platform


Are you interested in becoming a golfer?

Download our "Getting Into Golf Guide"

You want to become a skilled golfer, and we want to help get you there.  The truth is you can be wasting time and money if you join a program that is "incomplete".  Use this guide to learn:
  • How to evaluate a golf program
  • Family benefits of playing golf
  • How to become a golfer with the Op 36 Model
  • How the Op 36 Junior Development Model Works
  • Frequently Asked Questions on Starting Golf
"As a novice player and someone looking to learn the game better and improve my score, Operation 36 gives me the skills to play alongside very experienced players with confidence so I can enjoy the game. The class and course play with other ladies is fulfilling! Greater still, this program has paved the way for my son to learn the game so we can challenge one another on the course!"
Mary M
Operation 36 Participant

Parents & Beginners

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Golf Facilities

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Why Operation 36 Works

You Actually Play Golf
You wouldn't get swim lessons without getting into the pool, would you? The Op 36 Program is centered around giving you a fun plan to play 9 holes and track improvement over time.
Golf Pros Track Progress
Each Op 36 Training Community is led by Pros who care. All your playing and training data is shared with your coach to help guide you.
Community Based Training
Everyone in Op 36 has a common goal of working towards shooting 36 for 9 holes. Train with an encouraging group of golfers working together to improve.
Clear Curriculum And Goals
The Op 36 Curriculum has attainable on-course goals and milestones already set for you. Your coach can also issue and review private goals with you right in the mobile app.
Technology Guided Training
You should never feel lost. The Op 36 App is your tool to guide you through your entire journey. From playing golf to training your skills, just open it up at the course and go!
Gamified Golf Journey
We believe getting better at the game should feel like a game! Every action you take to improve levels up your profile and helps your community climb the global leaderboard.
Also known as Op 36, we are a team of golf professionals and golf enthusiasts that are aiming to change the way the golf industry introduces and progresses beginners in playing the game of golf.
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Are you interested in learning to play golf but don't know where to start?

You aren't sure what equipment you need?
You do not want to feel lost?
You do not know where to find a certified coach for beginners?
Do you want a proven plan to become a skilled golfer?
Do you want to feel like you belong at the golf course?
Do you believe that learning golf is just too hard?