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Kevin Martin, King's Grant Golf Course, Fayetteville, NC

Congratulations to Kevin Martin, PGA, King’s Grant Golf Academy in Fayetteville, NC for being the winner of our Coach Impact Award for March! Kevin's impact on the world of golf is truly remarkable, having created 69 golfers and helped them reduce their strokes by an impressive 892. His dedication to the sport is evident through his unyielding passion, patience, and constant encouragement, embodying the very spirit of golf itself.
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The Impact
"He makes an amazing impact in golf in my life by taking the extra step, whether it's taking extra time after class to show me a couple of ways that I can improve my swing, or allowing me to borrow some equipment to refine my golf skills at home. I can always tell how passionate he is about the sport, especially from the way he teaches and the knowledge that he shares with me about little hacks to improve my golf skills on the course. Overall, he makes a positive impact of golf in my life and this is the main reason why I am nominating him."
"I do not have any particular stories to share, because every class is amazing. However, he played a game with us one time where he paired another student and I together, and blindfolded one person, while the partner had to tell the blindfolded person how to align and putt the ball. This was just one of the fun and unique games that he played with us to increase our skills in golf."
"The main thing that I want to convey is that Coach Kevin is a great coach who will always go above and beyond the minimal requirements of teaching for his students."

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