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Operation 36 Announces Strategic Partnership With Youth On Course

Partnership announce between Operation 36 Golf and Youth on Course
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Matt Reagan, PGA
Co-Founder and CEO, Operation 36 Golf

Recently, Operation 36 announced their goal of creating 1 million golfers within the next five years, and believes that the partnership with Youth On Course could be instrumental in bringing more Junior Golfers into the sport. 

Operation 36 Co-Founder Matt Reagan says, “When you have two organizations that are so committed to creating golfers, and getting new golfers on the course early and often, there is natural synergy. Making playing golf affordable for juniors creates less friction and makes it easier for Golf Professionals to develop new passionate junior golfers. The Youth on Course vision fits so well with an Operation 36 Program.  We are so excited about the partnership and what it can do for the youth and for golf professionals that are looking to grow their programming.”

Operation 36 and Youth On Course, both leaders in Junior Golf,  will begin their partnership with a pilot program for a select group of locations.  Those selected to participate in the pilot program will receive a stipend from Youth on Course to cover 25% of the Operation 36 annual program license.  

In addition, golf professionals will be matched with Youth on Course Volunteer Guides to help support classes and on-course events. Since Youth On Course  Guides are encouraged to bring new golfers to the course many coaches will see an increase in participation for their programs. 

Youth on Course VP of Programs, Michael Lowe says, “This is going to create an amazing leadership opportunity for Youth on Course members who want to help get more of their friends and kids in their community playing golf. All of us are more likely to try something new if a friend invites us and starting off from 25 yards means beginners have a legitimate shot at a ‘hole-in-one’ the first time they step foot on a golf course.  Can you imagine? I can't wait to see how many new people our Youth on Course Guides help bring into the sport.”

For more information about applying to participate in this pilot program, go to www.operation36.golf.

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