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Operation 36 Announces Top 50 Golf Coaches

Operation 36 Top 50 2019 Coaches
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Ryan Dailey, PGA
Co-Founder and COO, Operation 36 Golf

The Operation 36 Top 50 Golf Coach list is the only one of its kind that uses quantitative measures to determine who is making the biggest impact on golf through their program. An essential component of Operation 36 Golf Program is the ability to measure progress for the golfer’s journey, so it is essential to evaluate the coaches who were nominated by a measurable standard.

Golf Coaches are evaluated by their use of formal golf matches throughout the year, application of the Operation 36 curriculum, assessing golfer’s progress throughout the season, and the use of online social tools to encourage more practice and play. The full list of the Top 50 Golf Coaches can be found here.

Operation 36 Co-Founder Ryan Dailey said, “This was not an easy task to narrow down the list of coaches running Operation 36 to the top 50. There are so many coaches delivering fantastic experiences for beginner golfers using Operation 36 around the world.”

Dailey continued, “I am confident after going through the selection process and using our objective criteria that these are the best of the best. These coaches are running all of the core components of Operation 36 and having a measurable impact using these tools. If you were to enroll your family in a program with one of these Top 50 coaches, you will get a chance to experience Operation 36 to the fullest.”

Golf coaches around the world are now using the Operation 36 program to teach beginner golfers. While most golf programs direct new players to get private golf lessons, then stay on the practice range until they are good enough to get on the course. With Operation 36 all new players begin on the course.

Instead of starting at the tee box, they play from 25 yards away from the hole. Once the player shoots par (36) from 25 yards, they back up to 50 yards, and so on, until they are shooting even par (36) from the full tee box. It’s timely, it’s fun, and it provides step by step improvement.

Operation 36 has become the standard for introducing any beginner to the game, including adults. It is now taught by nearly 700 coaches across the world at nearly 500 golf facilities with over 28,000 golfers. This year they launched an initiative to create 1 million new golfers over the next five years.

The mission at Operation 36 is to design the #1 Program and Technology to introduce and progress a beginner in playing the game of golf.

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