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Operation 36 Golf and Youth on Course Partner, Implement Inviting Program for New Young Golfers

Operation 36 Golf Partners With Youth On Course
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Matt Reagan, PGA
Co-Founder and CEO, Operation 36 Golf

North Carolina-based golf player development program, Operation 36, announces a curriculum partnership with Youth on Course. The partnership is designed to bring new players into the game of golf using the Youth on Course guides program as the foundation and integrating it into the current Operation 36 curriculum that is being used by over 40,000 golfers around the world.

The Operation 36 Development Program has a 6 level curriculum that players work through to develop their skills. At each level, players are required to demonstrate certain skills off the course and also beat 36 on the course at graduated division yardages starting with Division 1 - 25 yards.

With the support of Youth On Course, golfers in the 3rd-6th Level will now participate in a service project in order to advance. The service project requires that a golfer brings a new youth to play the game of golf, and play 9-holes with them at Division 1. Players can use the Op 36 app to find the correct yardages (25 yards from the hole) so there's no need for courses to install any additional tee boxes at their current facility.

Operation Co-Founder, Ryan Dailey, says, “More often than not, those that start playing golf are guided into the game by someone else. Why? Getting started with golf can feel a bit overwhelming and even intimidating at first. Having someone by your side to help you can be a big relief to someone new to the game. We are delighted to partner with Youth on Course to bring to life a service project for players that helps them give back to the game. We look forward to measuring the impact of this program in years to come.”

For more information about Youth on Course, visit: https://youthoncourse.org/

For more information about Operation 36, visit: www.Operation36.golf

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