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Operation 36 Launches Free Partner Video Course with Andy Hilts Golf

Operation 36 Launches Free Partner Video Course with Andy Hilts Golf
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Matt Reagan, PGA
Co-Founder and CEO, Operation 36 Golf

Operation 36 announces a new partnership Andy Hilts Golf. Hilts has created a free partner course within the Operation 36 Coach Academy to help coaches sell their golf programs titled, "Gateway for Success." 

Andy Hilts is recognized not only as an expert in golf instruction, but the business of golf instruction. Hilts is a leader in the growing field of revenue optimization for golf academies. Through his consultancy, Hilts Golf, he trains and advises prominent instructors on business development and profit enhancement. 

The course is designed to help Golf Professionals with the sales process at their facility. Hilts shares how to implement proper, high integrity sales strategies into their existing golf programs. 

Andy Hilts said, “Watching Matt and Ryan create a program that successfully takes golfers from beginner to active player has been a thrill. We’ve all known that keeping new golfers playing the game has been a ‘hole in the bucket’ for golf’s growth and to finally have a solution is thrilling. Combining the passion that the entire OP36 team has to build new players, with my passion to help golf coaches grow this game through their chosen craft of instruction made it a no brainer to partner up.”

Operation 36 Co-founder, Matt Reagan said, “Andy’s extensive background in teaching golf, training coaches, and sales training makes him the trifecta for helping golf professionals get more comfortable selling their golf programs. We can’t create a golfer if they never join a program. What I have always admired about Andy is that he helps coaches not only add more people to their program, but understand that selling is not a bad thing as you are authentically helping your consumers find the right program that will serve their needs. I hope everyone in the Op 36 Network takes the course and gets more comfortable selling the game we love and growing their bottom line. This in turn will lead to creating more happy golfers that will play the game for life!”

Recently, Operation 36 launched a Free Online Coach Academy for professionals who are interested in Developmental Golf Programming. All golf professionals are welcome to create a free account to access coach training. 

To get access to the course, Golf Professionals can create a free coach account at https://operation36golf.com/#/register-coach or sign into their account at Operation36Golf.com

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