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Amy Carmien

Operation 36 Golf | #1inaMillion Golfer

Operation 36 is proud to announce the first #1inaMillion golfer is: Amy Carmien of Haven Golf Course in Green Valley, AZ.  She was nominated by Operation 36 coach and LPGA President, Marvol Barnard. 

When asked why she was heartily nominating Carmien, Barnard said: 

“Amy is amazing! She has embraced the Operation 36 program as a learning tool, and has improved her own game tremendously. She has passed the 200 yard challenge with flying colors, and her next goal is 250. But what makes Amy one in a million is that she is one of my assistants in Operation 36 for new golfers. 

“She is an amazing cheerleader, she helps others love and embrace the program, she has helped me engage many new golfers in the program, and she is your biggest fan! Not only is Amy a player and participant in Op36, but she has become a valued member of my coaching team. I couldn't do what I do without her!”

Barnard continued, “Because Amy has ‘been there and done that’ she helps others during their matches--she has shared many times that it all comes back down to those 25 and 50 yard shots! 

Her specific matches have been a study in concentration and perseverance--because she doesn't pass the first time, she is a perfect role model for others as they continue in their goals.

Operation 36 is proud to have persistent, encouraging golfers who not only improve, but stand on the sidelines to cheer for others.  The game of golf is in good hands with #1inaMillion players like Amy!

About #1inaMillion

The Operation 36 mission is to create 1 million new golfers over the next five years, and they want to help coaches with introducing new golfers to the game and retaining them for the long term.  Now, the company will be sharing the stories of these tremendous golfers and their coaches with our wider community, using the #1inaMillion.

Also known as Op 36, we are a team of golf professionals and golf enthusiasts that are aiming to change the way the golf industry introduces and progresses beginners in playing the game of golf.
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