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Attention Golf Pros: Everything You Need to Master Junior Golf

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Have you ever wondered if there's a better way to coach your Junior Golfers? If you're sticking to the same old drills and not seeing the joy and improvement you're hoping for, it might be time to shake things up! Operation 36 Coaches have worked with over 50,000 Junior Golfers over the years. It is safe to say that we know what can make your Junior Program thrive or fizzle! 

Let's dive into some tips that'll make your Junior Program buzz-worthy!

Keep It Going All Season Long

A great Junior Program can't just be a one-time camp or a few random clinics. Nope, it needs to be a season-long adventure! This way, kids get the chance to really get into golf, improving bit by bit, and falling in love with the game. It's all about making sure they get better over time, not just having fun for a day or two.

Game On!

Kids love games, right? So, why not make golf a big game for them? This doesn't mean turning everything into a competition, but adding some fun challenges and game-like drills can really keep things interesting. Each week should have its own theme or topic. All you should have to do is tweak your delivery based on ages and skill levels. If you need ideas, Operation 36 has a database of 100+ games you can use to do this. Your golfers will love knowing what to expect, with a sprinkle of surprise to keep it fresh.

Create Challenges that are "Just Right”

Have you heard about finding the "challenge point"? It's like finding the sweet spot where things are tough, but not too tough. You want to give the kids drills that might take a few tries, so when they finally nail it, they feel super proud and accomplished. It's all about that "Yes! I did it!" feeling.

Get Structured

A good plan is like a treasure map for your program. Without it, you might end up going in circles. Having a structured curriculum means everyone knows where they're heading, making learning smoother and way more fun. It's like building a cool Lego set – follow the steps, and you end up with something awesome.

If They Don’t Play, They Won’t Stay

This is super important: kids need to play actual golf on the course to really get hooked. As PGA Tour player Will McGirt said, "if they don't play, they won't stay." And it's true! Our Operation 36 program puts playing right at the heart of learning. This way, kids don't just learn how to swing; they learn to love the game by actually playing it.

So, if your Junior Program isn't quite hitting these points, you might be missing out on some serious fun and success. Operation 36 is all about making your life easier and your program better. We've got the tools, the games, and the structure to make your junior golf program something kids can't wait to come back to.

Ready to Be a Junior Golf Hero?

If you're nodding along thinking, "Yes, this is what I need!" then it's time to bring Operation 36 to your course. Imagine less stress for you and more fun and improvement for your junior golfers. Let's make your program the place to be for junior golfers everywhere.

Want to know more about getting Operation 36 into your club? Let's chat! Click this link to reach out to us and let's turn your junior golf program into a year-long adventure of fun, learning, and lots of playing. Get ready to see those happy faces, excited to play and improve every week. Let's do this!

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