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How to Start Small & Grow Your Golf Program

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Have you ever wanted to implement a new golf program, like Operation 36, but your plate is quite full already? Sure, you would love to have a thriving golf program, but then you would need to find more staff, which isn’t really an easy task.

We have many golf professionals who started in the same spot. Who hasn’t felt overworked, and not excited to add a lot to the “to do” list?! But for many coaches, they could see a future with a thriving program that was better than their day-to-day. They wanted to break through the busy and build something meaningful. If you are busy but interested in growing a fulfilling program at your club, here’s how you can do it without cloning yourself!

Start Simple

Jumping into something new can feel like a leap of faith, especially when your plate's already full. But imagine this: you start with a couple of Operation 36 classes each week, keeping things cozy and manageable. It's all about those small, confident steps.

When Things Heat Up

If you are like our other coaches, right now you are wondering, “Well, what if my classes start to fill up faster than I expected?”

We help you figure out how to expand smoothly, without the pressure. Think about it: if you don't have a plan for growth, you might get stuck in the overwhelm. But with us, you can bring in help – and they don't even need to be golf pros. They could be someone passionate about the game, ready to lend a hand. We'll get them trained up, so they're ready to support you and your golfers.

You're in the Driver's Seat

This is the best part: you're in control. You decide how many golfers you want in each class and when to expand. Operation 36 gives you the tools (see below) and the freedom to build your dream program, stress-free.

“Why Can’t I Do This By Myself?”

It's normal to think, "I'm a PGA pro. I should be able to create my own programs." But here's the truth: Operation 36 isn't about taking away from your program; it's about amplifying it. It's your quick pass to saving hours of time and skipping the guesswork with your teaching programs. This lets the other aspects of your operation shine and allows you to spend more time doing what you need to do.

Growth Means You Can Make Better Hires

Seeing your program grow is actually awesome news. It means you have a core group of golfers–which gives you guaranteed revenue. This allows you to hire more hands to help, so you're not doing a solo act. This way, you can focus on other parts of the operation–with the confidence that your golf programs are ticking along nicely. It's about making things better for you, your golfers, and your entire operation.

PGA Support

Joining the Operation 36 community means you're part of a big, supportive family. With over 800 locations and 2000 golf pros who've been right where you are, we've got your back. We're going to connect you with pros who've nailed it and thrived. Plus, you'll even have your own PGA pro from our team guiding you every step of the way, from planning to marketing and even training your team.

Ready for a Change?

If you're thinking, "Yes, this is what I've been looking for!" it's time to talk about bringing Operation 36 to your course. Imagine running a smooth, successful golf program that's all fun and games for your golfers – and way less stress for you.

Curious about how Operation 36 can help you tackle the fear of success and make your golf program the place everyone wants to be? Let's chat! Reach out, and let's kickstart your journey to a stress-free, thriving golf program. Here's to happy golfers and even happier golf pros. Let's make it happen!

P. S. - If you're a golfer looking for an Operation 36 coach near you, check out our location map.

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