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Elevate Your Golf Game and Liberate Your Golf Pro

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As you are spending hours behind the counter at the Pro Shop, do you find yourself dreaming of a day filled with what you were born to do…coach golf?

If you are ready to transition from behind the counter to the greens to coach, we can show you a path to get there faster than you would imagine.

Most golf pros are masters of juggling: tournaments, merchandise, scheduling, not to mention playing the weatherman! It's a lot, and it anchors you to the shop, away from the course and, more importantly, away from helping you level up your game.

Operation 36 isn't your typical golf program. It's a proven plan that makes learning golf engaging, effective, and enjoyable. For Golf Professionals that are eager to move out of the Pro Shop, the Operation 36 plan

Here’s how Op 36 works:

-Planned Progress Tracking: Clear, achievable goals mean you’re not just hitting balls; you're hitting milestones that light up your golf journey.
-Real Golf, Real Quick: From day one, Operation 36 gets you out on the course, applying what you learn in the wild—it’s where the magic happens.
-Pros Unleashed: With Operation 36, your golf pro gets a treasure chest of tools, tech, and support to ditch the desk and dive back into doing what they love most—improving your golf journey.

Take The Lead: How You Can Bring Operation 36 to Your Club

For golfers looking to bring this transformative program to their club, it's time to take action. Email us at support@op36golf.com to learn how you can connect your pro with Operation 36. Better yet, CC your pro directly in the email, opening the door to a conversation that could change the course of your golfing experience. It's your opportunity to be the catalyst for a more engaging and effective golf program at your club.

And for pros interested in licensing Operation 36 and offering this innovative program to your members, we're here to get you started on this exciting path. Request more information on how to become a part of the Operation 36 network and take the first step towards creating a golf program that not only benefits your golfers but also reinvigorates your passion for teaching the game.

Together, let's drive towards a future where golf is not just played, but passionately experienced and enjoyed.

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