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How the Operation 36 Certification Will Help You Grow

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This year Operation 36 will bring back in-person certifications.  For years, we have provided an online version of the Operation 36 Certification for coaches to level up their skills so that they can learn the material from the comfort of their own homes. 

But in 2023, when we were commissioned to help the country of Bermuda to work with their coaches to implement our Player Development Program, we realized how many skills you can transfer from our team to coaches in just a couple of days on the course and in a classroom. 

Hosting live Operation 36 Certifications will be an excellent opportunity to provide new material and teach it live and for our coaches to network and learn from one another. So in 2024, we will be traveling to different clubs across the US to provide an in-person certification experience.

During this 2-day intensive certification, coaches will work with Co-Founder, Ryan Dailey, PGA, as well as highly experienced Op 36 Coaches. The material will be taught both live on the course, as well as in the classroom for further explanation and discussion. 

It is worth noting that many of our most successful Operation 36 Coaches attended our live certifications years ago. Not only were they equipped with a full understanding, they could completely visualize the instruction, and they were able to network with other coaches to hear best practices.

This training is perfect for all Operation 36 Coaches:

  • New to Op 36 and still learning the ropes.
  • Have been an Op 36 for a while, but want to network and learn from other coaches.
  • Coaches with an Assistant or team who needs to be fully trained.

Join us this year to fast-track the success of your coaching and program! The in-person certifications will be led by Operation 36 Co-Founder, Ryan Dailey, PGA.  All coaches will receive 12 PDR Credits from this training.

Operation 36 Coaches will get an exclusive discount on our new, in-person certifications! Message your Account Manager to get your discount code. 

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