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Golf professionals know there must be a better way to develop beginners into life-long golfers.

New golfers need more than camps, clinics, and private lessons. They need a plan.  

Give your golfers a motivating plan to go from their first 9-hole round, to shooting par from a full tee-box!

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Op 36 Top 50 Coach Tyson Bowen

Tyson bowen

Sage Lakes Golf Course
"Operation 36 far exceeded any expectations I had when I was preparing to run the program. Watching the kids grow throughout the program was one of the coolest experiences I have been a part of in the golf business. This is truly a special program!"
Op 36 Top 50 Coach Erica Britt

Erica Britt

Country Club at Wakefield Plantation
"The Operation 36 program has been a tremendous addition to our facility. We have seen such growth in our juniors and now with our ladies program. The constant communication we have with our students and the ability to track their progress has played a key role in our success."
Op 36 Top 50 Coach Andrew Kiger

Andrew kiger

The Club at 12 Oaks
"Using Operation 36 at the Club at 12 Oaks has been an absolute home run! We have quadrupled our enrollments and the excitement around the club is buzzing about what an amazing program we have. Thank you all for your support!"

How would Operation 36 work at my golf facility?

Running Operation 36 is as simple as running weekly clinics and a 9 hole league together. The only difference is there is a fun, holistic, and trackable development plan for your golfers.

1. Participants Attend a Weekly 1 Hour Class & work through the 6 Level Curriculum

Very similar to subjects in school, one or two of these skills is covered in class each week. The skills each have an educational goal to work towards that challenge golfers to work on developing their game. These Skills and Goals are guides in golfers development.
At the core of Operation 36 are the structured weekly classes.  Each class consists of fun training activities and an Education Block where your team will teach a skill or concept from the Op 36 Curriculum
Digital lesson plans are done and in your pocket for every class
Golfers earn badges as they progress through 6 level curriculum
Over 100+ group training games & educational activities  
Coach teaching an Op 36 class with a preview of what the lesson plans in the Op 36 look like
OP 36 coach with a student that just passed an on course division

2. Participants Play in 9 Hole Events once or twice a month based on your facilities availability.

Getting beginners on the course has never been easier.  All golfers start in Division 1 and follow the Op 36 Model. The scaled course and automated goals gets them around the golf course in a timely and motivating way.  
Complete beginners will play 9 holes in less than 2 hours
The 9-Hole Events are fun, social, and encouraging format
Golfers are motivated by seeing small measurable improvement

3. Plan Programs, Communicate, and Track Your Students' Progress in the Op 36 Tech Platform

Very similar to subjects in school, one or two of these skills is covered in class each week. The skills each have an educational goal to work towards that challenge golfers to work on developing their game. These Skills and Goals are guides in golfers development.
The Operation 36 technology makes it simple to run the program and track your players development over time.  
Gamified mobile app for your participants to guide them
Planning tools with student & class feed communication
Player Development and Facility Impact reporting 
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I joined the Op 36 community in January of 2018 specifically to improve my junior golf program, but Op 36 has done so much more for my business than just junior golf. It has also enhanced my adult group classes. Op 36 is the “EASY” button for any golf pro wanting to elevate their programs.

Janean Murphy, LPGA
Op 36 Top 50 Coach Rynne Burnett

Operation 36 is the only way to take a brand new golfer and successfully make them a golfer for life. The Op 36 team gives you more than everything you will need to get your program off to a great start, and successfully grow in the future.

Ryne Burnett, PGA
Kenwood Country Club
Image is not available

Operation 36 is a complete game changer! We went from 35 juniors 3 years ago to 109 in summer 2020! It is the most thorough and focused program I have seen. Golfers love how dynamic the learning is and absolutely love the playing component! I am lucky to be a part of such a great program!

Big Spring Country Club
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A program designed for anyone who wants to learn to play golf, no matter their age!


Parents are looking for a completed junior program that develops their kids into life-long golfers. Offering season long structured programs gives parents the confidence that you are providing their junior with the best instruction available.


Learning a new sport is an overwhelming and scary idea for most beginners. Our most successful adult programs break down this barrier by offering their programs with groups of friends that can learn together, and also groups of the same skill level.

Join over 1350 Coaches and 600 Golf Facilities Who Are Transforming Beginner Golf Together 

Since we joined the Operation 36 network in early 2017, it has revolutionized our player development program and the atmosphere of our entire Club. We've been able to "check all of the boxes" of our Board's goals for Club operations, in large part due to our Academy and the golf program. We've grown our membership, lowered our average age, increased site visits, enhanced food & beverage sales, and more importantly; improved the quality of life for over 100 families in our community.
Op 36 Top 50 Coach Jameson Wallace

Jameson Wallace

Chambersburg Country Club | Op 36 Top 50 Coach
I can say that OP36 has been a game changer at Granite Bay Golf Club. I started with 12 students. Now I am over 80 players per semester. This program has changed youth golf at our facility for the better. The future is endless and I am so proud to be on this journey using the OP36 program.
Op 36 Top 50 Coach Meredith Lobeck

Meredith Lobeck, PGA/LPGA

Granite Bay Golf Club | Op 36 Top 50 Coach

What is developmental programming?

Traditional Programming

Structured Curriculum
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Developmental Programming

Structured Curriculum
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How Do I Get Started?

1. Request Information
Click 'Learn More' and fill out the form. One of our PGA Program Advisors will email you some resources on how to start an Operation 36 Program.
2. Schedule a Free Program Planning Session
Schedule a free online planning session with your PGA Program Advisor. Walk away with a planned program with projections.
3. Sign-Up & Work With Advisor To Start Filling Programs! 
We will create you your Operation 36 Program Community, get your marketing materials together and help you launch! 
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Case Studies

Operation 36 Top 50 Coach - Robbie Fritz

Robbie Fritz, PGA

Op 36 Top 50 Coach
Operation 36 Top 50 Coach - Matt Gordon

Matt Gordon, PGA

Op 36 Top 50 Coach
Op 36 Coach Marc Lapointe Interview

Marc Lapointe, PGA

Op 36 Top 50 Coach
Op 36 Coach Kevin Britt Interview

Kevin Britt, PGA

Op 36 Top 50 Coach

What is provided for being a program location?

Full-Time PGA Program Advisor

Never feel lost. Every account is assigned a full-time PGA Program Advisor. They will guide you step by step on setting up your programs.  Schedule as many calls as necessary to make sure you are successful.

Official Licensed Location - Get a steady stream of leads through the Op 36 Map!

Fill your programs with ease. Become a location so you don't miss out on new participants from the 1000's of monthly map visits & participant leads 

Fill Programs With A Proven Brand/ Program & Marketing Materials

Consumers trust Operation 36. Our team will provide you with an array of resources and customized marketing materials to help you promote and fill your programs.

Operation 36 Coaching Platform

The Op 36 mobile and web app makes running a developmental program an ease. Engage your students like never before, track progress, and have every class planned to the minute before the season starts!

Give Your Golfers an App to Guide Them

Every participant in your community gets an Operation 36 profile. The Op 36 App is there to guide participants outside of your classes and will show the value of your programs instantly!

Online Training & Coaching Resources

We want our coaches to be experts in developmental programming. Our online Coach Academy has over 10 video courses to help coaches advance their coaching and business knowledge.

+ Much More

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Does Op 36 work for adults?

Yes! The program is designed for anyone that wants to learn how to play golf. 50% of our 2022 new Op 36 participants are adults!  

70% of our Adults are Ladies who are just beginning the game.  They love Operation 36 because it gets them comfortable playing, its social, and they have the technology/tools to guide them outside of their classes. 

How does the technology work with the program?

When you sign up we build you a custom portal and add you as an official location on our program map.  This is where your students can find your programs, request information and register.  In the portal you have innovative tools to help plan, execute and report on the program.

When your students sign up they get access to the Operation 36 App and have all the tools to guide them in and outside of classes.  You as a coach can see each players profile.  It creates a social coaching hub for you to track their development, golf activity, and communicate during your season.

Click Learn More, fill out the form and a member of our team will show you everything.

What is my time commitment? How much revenue will I make?

How much time you want to put into Operation 36 is completely up to you.  If you are busy you can choose to run one,  (1 hour) class a week and see 6 students.  If you have more time you can run as many classes during the week that you want to.  

Every class you teach you will generate between $150-$360/hr in revenue.  Our team of PGA Professionals will fill out a custom program planner with you today to map this out for you.  Just click the learn more button above and a member of our team will reach out.

What type of support is available to me to ensure I am successful?

You deserve a team dedicated to helping you create golfers.  

You will have a full time Player Development Consultant that you can schedule calls with as much as you want. You will have access to our private online network where you can interact with other coaches to get best practices and ideas. 

Also, we have a live chat button on the website and web app that you can use Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST.
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