Setting the standard for how beginners are introduced and progress in the game of golf


Our Mission & Goal

Introduce 1,000,000 New Golfers to the game & get them to shoot even par (36) for 9 holes by 2025

Our Mission:
Our mission at Operation 36 is to design the world's most effective long-term programs and technology to introduce and progress a beginner in playing the game of golf. 

Our Network Goal:
Our goal is to introduce 1 million new golfers to the game and get them to shoot even par (36) for 9 holes by the end of 2025!

The Problem:
There are over 12 million people interested in learning to play golf. Unfortunately, the way golfers are introduced to the sport is fundamentally flawed. Beginners are set up for failure before they even start. 

Our Solution:
After 10 years of research and development, our team of Golf Enthusiast and Professionals have designed the best roadmap for you! Each Op 36 Training Facility is led by Golf Professionals who have raised their hand and said, "I want to give beginners the best introduction and long-term program to become a skilled golfer!"



Operation 36 was founded in 2010 by PGA Professionals Ryan Dailey and Matt Reagan...

Let's start a Long-Term Athletic Junior Golf Development Program together.

Founders, Ryan Dailey and Matt Reagan team up to start a long-term junior golf development program at Keith Hills Golf Club in Buies Creek, NC. The goal was to increase family participation at the golf course with a focus on developing the juniors as athletes as well. They wanted to break the mold that golf was just something that a junior attended one time in the summer. So they set up a program where golfers could come once a week for 8 months out of the year. They started with 3 juniors which grew to over 20 in just the first year.

We need to build a fun golf curriculum.

It became clear that without a plan or curriculum for golfers or parents, there was no purpose to the program. There was no way to measure if golfers were improving or having fun. Ryan and Matt began studying "game design" and "curriculum design" to develop their first curriculum. This started as a 10 level curriculum. Each level mapped skills and goals for golfers to learn in classes. This evolved over the next 3 years into a 6 level curriculum with 12 goals in each level. They set the end goal of the curriculum to Shoot Par (36) for 9 holes. Each goal was described in a book and juniors were given a sticker on their bag tag when they accomplished a goal. Classes became fun and educational!

We lose 40 Golfers because they never had a way to play golf. Operation 36 is born.

In the first 3 years their program grew to 80 golfers coming once a week for 8 months out of the year. Ryan and Matt were recognized for their efforts and received the 2013 and 2014 Carolinas PGA Youth Player Development award. They thought all was going great, until in March of 2014 where 40 of their juniors didn't sign up for the program again. Why? It became apparent that the golfers never played golf outside of the program, and their interest faded. This led Matt and Ryan on a one year journey to find the most effective way to get a beginner on the golf course and integrate "Playing Golf" into the program.  To keep a long-story short, The Operation 36 Format was born. Start close to the hole, try to shoot 36, and back up! It is fun, it is timely, and it is great experience for any golfers learning the sport. Ryan and Matt made the decision to center the entire program around it as they learned Playing Golf is the most important part to any program to create a golfer. The program was renamed to "Operation 36".

We need to help professionals. Let's build software and a team to scale the program.

Many Golf Professionals began reaching out and wanted help with their programs. Maggie Simons, Jason Sutton and the team at Carmel Country Club in Charlotte persuaded Matt and Ryan to let them be the first Licensed Program. Maggie kicked it off at Carmel with great success! However it became apparent to help save professionals time, keep costs low, and enhance the entire delivery experience, we would need to build our own software. On a bootstrapped budget, the Operation 36 team launched their first version of their software platform in March of 2016, with a focus on giving professionals the tools necessary to run the program successfully. The program grew to over 450 facilities in 2019. 

We set our industry goal: Introduce 1,000,000 New Golfers (Adults and Juniors) 

After growing to over 450 locations and 28,000 participants, Operation 36 has learned a lot. The program evolved to becoming a standard in how beginners (adults and juniors) are introduced to the game. Golf Facilities now have a fun and structured plan to introduce a golfer to the game and technology to support the entire experience. The Operation 36 software was built with a purpose. We wanted to be able to measure our impact. In August of 2019 everything was in place to launch our network goal of introducing 1,000,000 new golfers to the game over the next 5 years! This number is not fabricated, it is actually being measured with our technology at every program location and displayed publicly. "Golfers Created" is the core metric that will drive us moving forward. We couldn't be more excited for the future of the game of golf.

Our Teams 3 Core Values

What you can expect in our work environment


Meaningful work can't happen until we put others before ourselves. Each Operation 36 Team Member cares. We care about each other, we care about our professionals, we care about our golfers, we care about our partners, we care about the details, we care about our work, and we care about the mission. We just plain care!


We like to keep it light. You can't step foot in the Op 36 office without hearing laughter. Just as we believe that becoming a skilled golfer should be fun and motivating, we also believe your career should be fun and motivating. It is important to us that our team members have fun, are happy, and laugh everyday.


Innovation and skill development doesn't happen unless you try new things. That is why we believe in challenging our team members to get outside of their comfort zone, develop their skills, and face challenges head-on. Each quarter you can see your skills develop and how your efforts played into the mission.

Meet The Team

Matt Reagan, PGA

Co-Founder, CEO

Ryan Dailey, PGA

Co-Founder, President

Matt Bartell, PGA

Director of Network Relations

Amy Boehnert

Marketing Campaign Manager
Cardinal Point Media

Michael Brooks, PGA

Program Advisor/Academy Coach

Jenn Davis

Graphic Designer
Cardinal Point Media

Charlie Gross III, PGA

Director of Business Development

Cory Kinsinger, PGA

Product Marketing Manager

Jasmine Lang

UI/UX Designer

Andrew Strom

Director of Operations

Seth Thompson

Program Advisor/Academy Coach

Derek Williams

Front End Developer


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