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#GolfAtHome Challenges

Structured 1 Hour Classes For Families To Complete Together at Home

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Welcome to the #GolfAtHome Challenges

Sometimes bad weather and other circumstances can get in the way of us going to the golf course.  We can't let that stop us from working on our golf games!  Join the #GolfAtHome Challenge to get multiple 1 Hour Golf Classes your family can easily setup and do at home together. These Challenges mirror an Operation 36 Program Class in case you missed one and have to do a makeup.  You can setup the activities with common household items.
Operation 36 Golf Curriculum Videos to Watch Together
A Fun Golf Activity Challenge Video To Setup & Play At Home
FOR KIDS - Bonus Activity Worksheets Will Reinforce The Curriculum

How are the Challenges Structured?

Step 1

#GolfAtHome Activity Video

Watch the Video and Complete the #GolfAtHome Activity

Step 2

Op 36 Curriculum Video

Each class starts out with 1 of the 12 Operation 36 Curriculum Videos. 

Step 3

Bonus - Kids Activity Sheets

Reinforce the Operation 36 Curriculum Video with fun activity worksheets!

Get Your First Video Challenge Now
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Our goal is to introduce 1,000,000 new golfers to the game by 2025!

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