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Welcome to the #GolfAtHome Challenge

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Challenge 1

In this challenge you will be going over the putting skill! You will be tested on your ability to hit your putts at the correct target.
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Challenge 2

In this challenge you will be working on your ability to hit the targets by practicing your aim and control in a fun and fast paced challenge.
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Challenge 3

In this challenge you will combine your creativity and putting skills to design your own putting course. The crazier the better!
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Challenge 4

In this challenge you will test your aim and speed control. You will need your piggy bank and pennies! Get ready to putt for dough.
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Challenge 5

In this challenge you will be working on you touch! Don't be fooled by how easy this challenge is to setup, it will test even the best.
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Challenge 6

In this week's challenge, we are challenging your building skills along with your putting skills. 
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Our goal is to introduce 1,000,000 new golfers to the game by 2025!

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Also known as Op 36, we are a team of golf professionals and golf enthusiasts that are aiming to change the way the golf industry introduces and progresses beginners in playing the game of golf.
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