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Let's say 'Goodbye' to Drop-In Golf Clinics for Beginners!

When you ask many golf professionals about their coaching program, you will get the same refrain…”The Drop-In-Clinic!” 

Yes–this is the oldest golf program in the book!  

Over the years, we have worked with thousands of coaches training over 100,000 golfers, and we can confidently say that this works well for existing golfers who already play regularly, but there is one group who definitely should not be taught through a drop-in-clinic…Beginners!

If we truly want beginners to become life-long golfers, we need to start focusing on long-term group coaching with a clear curriculum to guide golfers. We learned that beginners need more than drop-in-clinics. The best way to ensure that a golfer won’t quit is to provide the right environment and framework for them to be successful. So just what does a beginner golfer need to be successful? 

Here are the Top Three Reasons Beginners Deserve More than Drop-In-Clinics: 

  1. Golf More Accessible

Golf can be an intimidating sport, especially for beginners who are just starting out. One of the biggest barriers we have to help beginners overcome is the fear to play golf.  But with long-term group coaching, you can create a supportive environment where beginners can build comfort and confidence in their abilities. They'll be able to learn from each other's mistakes, celebrate each other's successes, and ultimately, develop the confidence they need to succeed on the course.

  1. Beginners need Social Connections and Consistent Guidance

By running long-term group coaching, you're not just teaching beginners how to play the game, you're also giving beginners an opportunity to make new friends and build relationships that can last a lifetime. 

If you implement long-term group coaching, you can create a sense of community and provide the structure beginners need to actually improve their game. By committing to a full season of coaching, beginners can build relationships with their fellow golfers and get the consistent feedback and guidance they need to really take their game to the next level.

  1. Understanding that it takes time to become a golfer

Let's face it, golf is not an easy sport! It takes time, patience, and a whole lot of practice to get good at it. 

Sure, you might be able to teach them a few things here and there, but without structure, curriculum, and accountability to show up consistently, they're never going to see any real improvement, feel lost, and lose the motivation to continue in the sport.

So, golf coaches, it's time to start focusing on long-term group coaching for beginners. Drop-in clinics might seem like a quick and easy option, but they're not the right solution for keeping beginner golfers in the game. By committing to a full season of coaching (6-8 weeks), beginners can get the support, structure, and guidance they need to actually improve their game and become the golfers they've always wanted to be.

So let's leave the drop-in clinics behind and start focusing on what really matters: building relationships, providing structure, and giving beginners the tools and plan they need to become skilled golfers.

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