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What Does USA Hockey and Operation 36 Have in Common?

By Ryan Dailey, PGA
Changing the way beginners get into golf As a golf coach, I want the players I help to improve in playing the game of golf.  Certainly, I want them to have fun in each training session, but in the end, my goal is for them to improve their playing ability on the golf course.  Why?   […]

The Secret To Improving At Golf Is Easier Than You Think

By Ryan Dailey, PGA
As players, we want to improve at golf.   As parents, we want to see our children improve at the activities they participate in. As coaches, we want our players to improve. But, why? “The most effective form of motivation is progress. When we get a signal that we are moving forward, we become more motivated […]

Should You Question the Traditional Path to Becoming a Golfer?

By Ryan Dailey, PGA
The Traditional Learning Cycle For years as a Golf Coach, one of the major problems I would see in my players early on is that beginner golfers don’t know what to do to improve. They are eager, excited and ready to get started.  Then they hit a huge roadblock.  As they look for information on […]

3 Tips For Finding The Right Beginner Golf Program

By Ryan Dailey, PGA
Golf is a wonderful sport, and the decision to begin playing is an easy one. The next question that pops up, is, however, a bit more challenging: Just how am I going to learn to play golf?   Here are three tips to save you some time, heartache and significantly increase your likelihood of success […]
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