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Noah Miller, Valley Hill Country Club, Huntsville, Alabama

We recognize Noah’s impact on the game of golf. Noah has created 98 golfers and his students have lost a total of 868 strokes! Noah has a passion for the game of golf and makes an impact through his encouragement, dedication and overall kindness.
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The Impact
"He has specifically helped bring my game up from extreme beginner to feeling much more comfortable about my game and what I doing as my game plan to be successful.”
“Our women's involvement in golf as well as our enjoyment in our country club has increased tremendously through Noah's efforts in bringing OP 36, his excellent teaching style, and his pleasant and patient personality."
"Coach Noah is encouraging, gives great individual feedback, is patient & loves the game!  Inspiring new golfers is his passion.”
Noah has gone out of his way to encourage me when I have plateaued by setting up goals, keeping an upbeat attitude, thinking of other tips and techniques to help with my golf inadequacies. Noah is a young pro yet is a wonderful instructor who takes the time to study the game and how best to share it with budding and aspiring golfers of all ages!

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