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Travis Howser, Rancho Carlsbad Golf Club at Carlsbad California

We recognize Travis’s impact on the game of golf. The consistent effort he puts in to bring new golfers to the game and inspire those golfers to play their best. Thank you so much, Coach Travis for your commitment to your students and to golf. You are indeed making an impact!
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The Impact
Travis is an amazing role model for the Op36 kids, always so positive and encouraging. He is humble yet he has made such a huge impact on kids in his program already. It's not just about golf, it's about being a good sport, learning life lessons that will carry on well beyond the golf course. The community that Travis has been creating here is growing and the kids feel such a connection to each other, encouraging and supportive as they learn the game, thanks to the leadership and inspiration from Coach Travis!
Travis goes out of his way to help everyone.  He is out there with our kids well beyond just the classes, even at the expense of spending time with his own family at times.  The spark he creates in the kids to have fun, be positive, and enjoy the process is so much appreciated by all!
I am a novice to golf and he generated an interest in me and I love to play golf.
My son used to like swinging the golf club when he was very young, 3 years or so. Then he lost interest, went on to play other sports like Baseball and Soccer. Last summer, after a family trip, my son mentioned that he would like to try golf again. We met Travis at our local club, and when we started talking to him, I could tell my son was very receptive and felt comfortable with him. My son started in Coach Travis' Operation 36 program last Fall, and he has thrived ever since. He has met great friends in the program and it's all he talks about ever since he started. Travis has inspired my son to enjoy the game and we have gotten so much out of it already. And we can't wait to see where he goes in the years to come.

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