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"Golf's Black Hole Phase" - Where We Lose Beginners and How to Fix it

By Matt Reagan, PGA
There is a negative force working against beginners golfers from day 1 of their journey. It is rarely talked about and has one job, suck as many newbies out of the sport as possible! At Operation 36, we call this force “The Black Hole Phase.”  Specifically, we define The Black Hole Phase as the period […]

How to Structure an Engaging Group Golf Class

By Matt Reagan, PGA
Does your team have an engaging structure for your group coaching programs? If you are working with beginner or intermediate players, it has been proven that consistent group coaching environments are a catalyst for accelerating development.   It is easy to come up with one or two on the fly clinics, but it can get more […]

If They Don't Play, They Won't Stay - Game-Based Clinics Are Not Enough

By Matt Reagan, PGA
The Most Important Lesson We Learned By Almost Going Under  As Ryan Dailey and I were developing what is Operation 36 today, we learned one particularly painful lesson. Like many tough lessons, the insights that we learned ended up becoming our pivotal “aha” moment. And now, it has become the centerpiece of our golf program. […]

The Most Important Question Golf GMs Need to Be Asking

By Matt Reagan, PGA
A General Manager that is focused on growing their facility knows that Golf Instruction Programs are imperative to a successful strategy. The right program can introduce new golfers and get existing golfers to play better, increase rounds/memberships, and increase spend at the entire facility. This is true for both private and public facilities.  With the […]

Should every golf facility offer beginner programs? We don't think so.

By Matt Reagan, PGA
A Golfer’s First Lesson Trying something new is a vulnerable and brave thing to do. Often it is our first experience with something that most dramatically shapes how we feel about it in the future. How did it make us feel?  This is why believe that if we are going to bring beginners to golf, […]

"Golfers Created" A New Public Industry Stat from the Operation 36 Program

By Matt Reagan, PGA
How do you know if a golf coaching program is successful? In the last four years, we have talked to well over 1,000 golf facilities about their programming.  When we ask the question: “Do you have a successful beginner program?” we get an array of answers.  When the coach says “yes,” we like to dig […]
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