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Operation 36 Partnership With EPEC Golf to Help Coaches Grow Fitted Junior Equipment

EPEC Golf Partnership
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Cory Kinsinger, PGA
Product Marketing Manager

Operation 36 announces that they have partnered with EPEC Golf to give a new quality solution to help coaches give juniors fitted equipment while growing their equipment revenue.

Now all Operation 36 program locations are able to receive a free 4 club set and shop display.  EPEC is also working with Operation 36 on a partner 3-Club Set to provide a cost-effective solution for someone just starting golf.  This blends well with the Op 36 Development Model, as most beginners only need 3 clubs to complete Divisions 1-3.

“With the goal of growing the game of golf, we developed our EPEC clubs with the sole purpose of helping junior golfers play better so they can love the game more.  One key strategy to help us do this was to find partners in the junior golf space that shared the same vision as we had.  When we were introduced to the Operation 36 team and heard their strategy of how they are helping kids learn the game of golf the right way, we knew instantly that they were the perfect fit for EPEC.  Operation 36 is truly the best developmental golf program that we have seen and we are honored to have formed this partnership with them.” – Chris Reh, Vice President of Sales

Over the last year, Operation 36 Co-founders, Matt Reagan and Ryan Dailey, have personally tested offering EPEC Clubs with their existing junior equipment offering.

Matt Reagan said, “We are happy to share products that make getting into golf more affordable while maintaining quality.  We think it is healthy to have multiple fitted golf club options to allow junior golfers and parents to decide what works best for them. That is what we did at our personal locations and the reception from juniors and parents was phenomenal.  With the upgradeable club system and just overall performance of the equipment, EPEC is a solid option for a facilities junior equipment offering.  We appreciate EPEC for offering our program network a no-cost solution to bring in a new junior product this Fall.”

For more information about Operation 36 and EPEC Golf, go to: https://operation36.golf/coaches/

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