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How Beginner Golfers Can See Improvement Quickly

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Matt Reagan, PGA
Co-Founder and CEO, Operation 36 Golf

Are you a beginner golfer looking for a clear path to learn the game while improving? One of the biggest challenges new golfers face is figuring out how to measure your progress effectively. 

Golf is notorious for being a sport where improvement can feel intangible and slow. Most golfers start their journey without a clear understanding of how to gauge their progress. Operation 36, which is a program specially designed for beginner golfers, knew this was a challenge and set out to transform the way beginners learn and track their improvement.

Introducing "Strokes Lost”

At the heart of Operation 36's approach is the concept of "Strokes Lost." Think of it as a golfing equivalent to tracking weight loss in a fitness program. Instead of measuring pounds lost, Operation 36 measures "strokes lost" to provide golfers with a tangible and motivating way to see their improvement.

How "Strokes Lost" is Calculated

1. Setting a Baseline
In Level 1, golfers play 9 holes on a course with 25-yard holes. Their initial score sets the baseline.

2. Recording Progress
As golfers continue to practice and play, they record their scores in the Operation 36 app or through coaching events.

3. Calculating Improvement
"Strokes Lost" is calculated by comparing a player's current score to their initial baseline score. Any stroke improvement counts as "strokes lost." For example, if you shot 50 for 9 holes in Level 1 and later shoot 40, you've lost 10 strokes.

4. Progress Tracking
Operation 36 adds up all the "strokes lost" throughout every level, providing a clear picture of a player's overall improvement journey.

Staying Motivated and On Track

One of the biggest benefits of "Strokes Lost" is that it keeps golfers motivated. Instead of feeling lost or frustrated on the course, golfers can see their hard work paying off as they consistently lower their scores.

Join Operation 36 and Unlock Your Golfing Potential

If you're a beginner golfer seeking a clear and motivating path to improvement, Operation 36 is your answer. By introducing "Strokes Lost" as a way to measure progress, they've redefined how golfers approach the game.

Ready to start your journey to becoming a confident golfer? To learn more about joining an Operation 36 program, you can find a location near you here. It's time to decode "Strokes Lost" and unlock your golfing potential with Operation 36!

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