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The Operation 36 Junior Golf Development Model

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Ryan Dailey, PGA
Co-Founder and COO, Operation 36 Golf

Operation 36 Announces History-Making Tool for Junior Golfers

As a parent, one of the biggest sources of confusion with sports is knowing if your child is on track with their development. 

With my own son, I want to know if he is on track for his goals in the different sports he plays. This way I can make adjustments to support him and try to help. If he was behind pace in golf, we could look at adjusting his equipment, playing schedule, tournament schedule, practicing schedule, coaching, nutrition or fitness. We could even work with him to adjust his goals if we felt they were unrealistic. 

It would be invaluable information to know where he is on the path to his golf goals, so we could provide the best opportunity and resources for him to reach his goals. If we had a tool that told me that he was ahead of pace or on pace on his path to his goals with golf, it would put me and his coach at ease knowing that what we are doing is working. 

It would also put my son at ease to know that what he is doing is, in fact, working.

The problem is that most golf coaching programs are primarily focused on practice area training and drills to determine a player’s progress. Parents have no accurate measuring stick to know where their junior is in relation to their short and long term goals in playing the game of golf (getting the ball in the hole on the course). We have no accurate and researched on-course Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). 

Without on-course KPI’s, I’m left questioning the effectiveness of my son’s coaching, is it working? Am I wasting my money and more importantly my son's time? Could we be somewhere else that creates a more effective environment for him to grow in his love for the game and improve his skills?

I don’t want the pain of regret after this journey is over to know that I could have done something different to better support them.  

It's just plain wrong that parents would invest in golf coaching services and not know where they are in their development towards their golf goals. All of us (coach, parent, and player) are working together and it would be much more effective if we knew at different stages of his journey if he was on pace, ahead of pace or behind pace to make adjustments before it is too late.  

We know how hard it is to figure out if a golf coaching program is effective.  We at Operation 36 Golf have spent 10+ years of research and development to create such a tool that is the most accurate Junior Golf Development Model in the history of golf.

The Tool that Helps Avoid Failure-Regret

We don’t want you to regret any decisions you make to support your junior golfer. We don’t want you to look back and wonder if the environment you were putting your junior golfer in was providing the best opportunity for them to reach their potential.

Along the journey in golf, your junior golfer will experience rounds where they don’t perform well. This is normal and every player that has achieved success in the game goes through this. Sometimes players experience long stretches of poor performances. This can be due to many different factors and some that are out of their control.  

It is in these challenging moments that players question things:

  1. Should I keep doing what I’m doing and just work harder?
  2. Should I quit?
  3. Should I change programs/coaches?

If you don’t have any accurate and reliable information that can tell you where your junior golfer is in relation to their specific goals, these challenging moments lead to highly emotional decisions. As a parent, you don’t have any concrete data to tell your junior to stick to the plan, talk them out of quitting or switching coaches/programs as it isn’t working.  

Fast forward 10 years... What if your junior was in great shape, on pace for their goals and you ended up switching programs/coaches? You will have wasted precious time and resources on changing when you shouldn’t have. The solution was just to keep doing what you were doing, it was working. However, you just didn’t know…

Now Let's Look at the Same Situation Again

Imagine you, your junior golfer, and their coach knowing with 100% conviction where your junior golfer is on their path to their goals! Imagine knowing this at every step of the journey and having the ability to make adjustments based on how they are developing over time. Imagine the confidence it gives you as a parent to know that you are providing the best environment possible for your junior to reach their potential.

This is possible by using the Operation 36 Junior Golf Development Model.  This is the first of its kind to provide real-time feedback based on a player’s goal when they graduate high school, their age, and on-course skill level.  

Within the Model, we currently have 5 different Junior Golf Development Tracks. Each Track is matched up with an end-goal that the player chooses. Your Operation 36 coach has access to this model through their software and can sit down with families and have very accurate and effective conversations about the progress of the player.  

Graphic of info describing the Op 36 Junior Golf Development

The Track provides real-time resources and reporting that will chart where a player is in their athlete and golf development. A player can change their Track at any time with the help of their coach to see what it takes to achieve their end goal. No more guessing where your junior is in their golf development. 

“Finally, a tool that can PUT YOU AS A PARENT AT EASE knowing you’re doing the right things at the right time for your junior to have the best chance to reach their potential in golf.”

Here are the (5) Operation 36 Junior Golf Development Tracks:

The Op 36 Junior Golf Development Tracks

Here are three scenarios that you will have concrete answers to each time you use the model:

  • ON PACE - This means that what you are currently doing is working based on the current age and goal of your junior golfer.  
  • AHEAD OF PACE - This means that your junior golfer is ahead of pace based on the current age and goal of your junior golfer. This is a good time to have a conversation with your Coach. If the current goal is to play on the High School team and your junior is ahead of pace, what would it take for them to be recruited for college golf? Is that a reasonable goal to move to?
  • BEHIND PACE - This means that your junior golfer is behind pace based on the current age and goal of your junior golfer. This is also a good time to have a conversation with your Coach. What adjustments can we make to get back on pace? Do we need to practice more, play more or train more with my coach? Is the original goal I picked unrealistic and I need to readjust to a more realistic goal?

To enroll in an Operation 36 program:

  1. Go to operation36.golf
  2. Click Find a Program
  3. Fill out the form to contact the Coach and learn more
  4. Enroll your junior in an Operation 36 program near you

To learn more:

Download our “Getting Into Golf Guide” to learn:

  1. How to evaluate a golf program
  2. Family benefits of playing golf
  3. How to become a golfer with the Op36 Model
  4. How the Op36 Junior Golf Development Model Works
  5. FAQ’s on Starting Golf

We want you as a parent to go from questioning and doubting the effectiveness of your junior golfer’s development to 100% confidence. This will allow you to provide the most effective support for your junior to reach their potential. It might be as simple as doing the same thing you have been doing. It might involve making some adjustments along the way. Either way, using the Operation 36 Junior Golf Development Model with your coach will give you the information at the right time to make the right decisions and put your mind at ease.

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