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Can You Show Your Value to Your Facility?

By Amy Boehnert
If you can believe it, we are officially one half of the way through 2023?! While your facility might be packed with summer traffic, it is a great time to begin thinking about how you show your your yearly impact at your facility. Let's face it--if you don’t, your club will most likely forget how […]

How to Become an Operation 36 Top 50 Coach

By Amy Boehnert
At Operation 36 Headquarters, we have some of the very best Teaching Golf Professionals in the world within our community. Every year, our network expands and see hundred of coaches who are providing an excellent golf program to their beginners. Several years ago, we created the Top 50 Coach Award to recognize Coaches in our […]

Let's say 'Goodbye' to Drop-In Golf Clinics for Beginners!

By Matt Reagan, PGA
When you ask many golf professionals about their coaching program, you will get the same refrain…”The Drop-In-Clinic!”  Yes–this is the oldest golf program in the book!   Over the years, we have worked with thousands of coaches training over 100,000 golfers, and we can confidently say that this works well for existing golfers who already play […]

Year in Review: Can You Show Your Value to Your Facility?

By Cory Kinsinger, PGA
Being able to review your year is becoming a normal feature of most apps these days. Whether it is Spotify’s Wrapped or Whoop’s Year in Review. These awesome little features are so powerful because they allow us to look back and remember how much we accomplished. Without it, we would probably have forgotten most of […]

"Golf's Black Hole Phase" - Where We Lose Beginners and How to Fix it

By Matt Reagan, PGA
There is a negative force working against beginners golfers from day 1 of their journey. It is rarely talked about and has one job, suck as many newbies out of the sport as possible! At Operation 36, we call this force “The Black Hole Phase.”  Specifically, we define The Black Hole Phase as the period […]

How to Structure an Engaging Group Golf Class

By Matt Reagan, PGA
Does your team have an engaging structure for your group coaching programs? If you are working with beginner or intermediate players, it has been proven that consistent group coaching environments are a catalyst for accelerating development.   It is easy to come up with one or two on the fly clinics, but it can get more […]
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